While We’re Waiting…Brad Childress As Coordinator, Indians Prospects, Casey Kotchman At First Base

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Minnesota Vikings’ expert comments on Brad Childress: “Childress came to Minnesota as a respected, well-like coordinator from Philadelphia, but he may have come down too hard on players while trying to instill some institutional control after the Love Boat scandal that rocked the organization under Mike Tice. If Childress can return to the more relaxed, personable coach he was under Reid, he may be able to build something with the Browns and whatever quarterback he rides.” [Tim Yotter via OBR]

Jensen Lewis knows all about this: “So then, what is it like to have to shove that metaphorical breath back into one’s lungs? Luke Harangody must have felt whatever that sensation is when he was sent down to Canton last week. Such is the plight of the barely-/not-quite-good-enough athlete. The NBA Draft, for the best college and international players, is like closing escrow on a new house. Kyrie Irving-like players walk through the doorway, throw down their bags, and prepare to live in the NBA for a decade-plus. For Harangody-like players, entry into the NBA is a bit like signing the lease on a palatial apartment they can just barely afford.” [Colin McGowan/Cavs:TheBlog]

The once “can’t miss kids” in the Tribe’s organization: “Each player had a pedigree and now has a few flaws which have prevented them from being major leaguers. I am sure the hope for the Tribe is that things will finally click for one or more of these guys and they will pull a Ryan Ludwick and become a late in life All Star.

Here is a listing of five Indians’ prospects that were once included in a Top 100 listing. My hope is to show why these players have not lived up to expectations and why they could still end up helping the Tribe at some point.” [Jeff Ellis/Indians Prospect Insider]

Nate Jackson writes about the consequences of a hit he took from Willie McGinest in Thursday night game against the Browns: “On a Thursday night in 2008, Willie McGinest nearly decapitated me. I was a tight end for the Broncos; he was a linebacker for the Browns. I was in the slot on the left. He was the strong-side linebacker, or “Sam,” on the right. I ran a seam route that took me into the middle of the field versus a two-safety look. He dropped into coverage. Having no receivers in his zone to hold him, he was free to keep his eyes up at anyone who might be coming across the field.” [Nate Jackson/Deadspin]

A positive outlook on the signing of Casey Kotchman: “Finally, Kotchman will fit in in Cleveland because of his solid defense. The Indians have a pitch-to-contact staff that had the highest groundball rate in the league last year; with Derek Lowe now in the fold too, they’ll probably retain that title in 2012. That means infield defense is of the upmost importance in Cleveland. The impacts of infielders’ gloves are magnified behind this staff, so Kotchman’s dexterity in the field matters more to the Tribe than it would to just about any other team.” [Lewie Pollis/Wahoo’s On First]

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the story by Nate Jackson. It’s interesting, a little amusing, and pretty disturbing.

  • Anonymous

    I agree but shoot man, its football.  It is not a safe sport, there are going to be hellacious hits, that is why you get paid the big bucks.  I do not root for players getting injured, but I love to see the guys going hard and playing the game like it was meant to be played.  Seperate the man from the ball.