While We’re Waiting… Anderson Varejao 48 minutes of energy, Jamison’s shot and Astrubal’s value

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Some great stuff from Brendan after the Cavaliers’ win against Dallas. Check out his interviews. “Early energy for 48 minutes. That’s what it said in blue dry erase marker ink on the Cavaliers white board prior to tip-off with the defending World Champions last night.” [Bowers/Stepien Rules]

“Wrote this down at some point in the first-half: “Antawn Jamison plays the game as though you get ½ a point for every shot attempt.” It’s not that he shoots all the time, it’s that sometimes he’s just shoveling the ball at the basket. I’m on record as saying we’d miss him were he gone (and I do believe we would), but ultimately, the Cavs are going to have to find a more consistent first (or second?) scoring option. Preferably one athletic enough to avoid shooting the ball around the side of a defender. AJ said a few weeks ago that there’s no one in the league who can stop his unorthodox game. I’m starting to question if anyone’s trying to.” [Braun/Cavs the Blog]

“What you see there is the root of all fears the Indians possess with regard to Cabrera. His physical conditioning has constantly come into question. And until he demonstrates the ability to sustain his performance over the course of a full season, it will remain a question. Cabrera played through a ton of pain last year. After playing just 97 games in 2010 because of a fractured forearm, he appeared in 151 out of 162 in ’11. And he took his power productivity to new heights. His .460 slugging percentage was 66 points higher than what had been his career norm, coming in.

The leadership, the willingness to gut it out when his body is barking at him, the comfort level he’s displayed on the Major League stage literally from the day he arrived in 2007… those things aren’t going anywhere. You invest in that. But the Indians have to understand that if they’re buying into Cabrera for the long-term right now, they’re buying high. He might never top the run-production he provided in 2011, and his defensive range (for what it’s worth, his UZR, as calculated by, has dropped each season at shortstop, all the way down to 11.8 points below average last year) doesn’t figure to improve, either.” [Castroturf]

“Don’t know if you caught this one: — Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers was named the Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player. He got 48 of 50 first place votes. — New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees was named the Associated Press NFL Offensive Player of the Year. He got 43 of 50 first place votes. Look, awards don’t have to make sense. They often don’t. There are controversial choices every year, inconsistent choices, bizarre choices. But this is one of the weirder ones I’ve ever seen. If Rodgers is the MVP isn’t he also the offensive player of the year? Last I checked, he only plays on offense. Then again, if Brees is offensive player of the year over Rodgers, isn’t he also the MVP over Rodgers? They play the same position. They both led their teams into the playoffs. This seems cartoonish.” [Posnanski/Joe Blogs]

Interesting hand drawn OSU uniform tweaks at the bottom of the page here. [UniWatch]