Vescey: Cavs “Swamped by Calls” Heading in to NBA Trade Deadline

In his lastest column for the New York Post, Peter Vescey states that the Cleveland Cavaliers once again find themselves in the middle of several trade discussions. While Orlando’s Dwight Howard remains the most-coveted pending free agent, it sounds like Cleveland’s Ramon Sessions is the Plan B for several teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers who are reportedly doing “some fast talking.”

Certainly, salary cap space is playing to Cleveland’s advantage.

Having $7.1 million in cap space, Vescey states that Chris Grant and his staff are receiving plenty of teams looking to move draft picks if the Cavaliers, who are “swamped by calls,” are willing to take on an additional contract or two.  Within the last 24 hours, reports surfaced surrounding the Atlanta Hawks looking to move Marvin Williams’ $7 million dollar contract.

While Houston’s Kyle Lowry or Portland’s Raymond Felton are also on Los Angeles’ radar, the cap space posessed by Cleveland make any discussed trades that much easier to complete. It is expected that all trades the Cavaliers make will either involve additional financial freedom or additional draft selections, preferably in the first round.

The 2012 NBA trade deadline is March 15.

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  • Harv 21

    – “Yes, Mr. Grant?”
    – “If Kupchak calls say I’m on the other line and don’t put him through for at least a couple of minutes.”
    – “Will do, Mr. Grant.”

  • mydogsnameisbuckeye

    Don’t you mean, “Portland’s Raymond Felton”?

  • Chucky Brown

    Ramahn Sessions = Ricardo Rincon

    Ive always liked Marvin W. and would consider him a sizeable upgrade over Casspi

  • Surgio Armani

    Why take on Marvin Williams for $7.5 million when you could sign Wilson Chandler for the same money and keep Ramon or trade him for something else?

  • cmm13

    Ramon for D. Howard…straight up.

    Your move Orlando.

  • mgbode

    Why would Houston give-up Kyle Lowry?   Unless the Lakers are giving back Pau.  And, why do the media seem to think the Lakers want to get rid of Pau so bad (if that is the case)?

  • mgbode

    throw in a 2nd rounder + Jamison and get back Ryan Anderson too

  • TSR3000

    Jamison, Sessions and a 2013 second rounder for the Rams #2 Pick.

    Wait, what?

  • Jaker

    I like the idea of getting Marvin Williams and ATL’s first rounder for Sessions/Casspi. I also like the idea of being the third team in the LA-ORL trade, taking on Reddick and Turk while dumping jamison and getting Goudelock/Liggins and a pick. All of these are small moves that would work in the long run for this club. Get crackin Grant!!

  • Jaker

    cuz we would include Casspi and get ATL’s 1st rounder as well

  • Jaker

    Can we dump Hafner too?

  • Ritz

    Yea but Chandler has to want to sign in Cleveland for that to work.

  • Ritz

    I dont know if ATL would make that trade

  • Jaker

    im just going off of what I read here and that’s what I’ve seen

  • cmm13

    shut down the internet, TSR wins.

  • The Other Tim

    I would consider a cherry slurpee an upgrade over O.C. If it came with a bendy straw.

  • Ro Chapman

    RoYourBoat……Why even consider a 2nd round draft choice in a trade?…..Cavs didn’t even make use of the several they had last season when several god players were on the board.