The Browns can’t know what they’re doing yet

The one thing that we sometimes forget as we lose ourselves trying to help the Browns win the off-season is that a lot of this stuff has to occur over time.  You can only plan so much when there are moving pieces. Who will every team take ahead of you in the draft? Who will re-sign with their current teams? What player will get caught up in an elaborate mail-order marijuana distribution business that will result in indictments and jail time? There’s just only so much planning you can do.

When Pat Shurmur came out yesterday and said that the media and fans were getting ahead of themselves, I truly believe it. Everyone seems to think they can predict that the Browns will go get Robert Griffin III as if it is so easy to predict it.

First, there is no telling where Robert Griffin will be selected in the draft just yet.  There is no telling if the Rams are going to be inclined to absolutely trade that pick and risk missing out on the best left tackle. There’s no telling that even if they do trade it that some other team won’t come up with multiple years’ worth of picks in some kind of elaborate package to give them more incentive to trade than with the Browns.

This isn’t even to mention Matt Flynn or Peyton Manning.

I know I get wrapped up in the mock drafts and all the talk too, but let’s just remember to dial it back and stop talking in absolutes.

In some respects right now all teams have are contingencies.  Going back to Pat Shurmur’s talk with the media yesterday, exhibit A: Colt McCoy. I have no doubt that Colt McCoy will be far more comfortable and potentially more productive if given the chance to play the west coast offense this season. I have no doubt that Pat Shurmur will be more prepared to handle the team in his second year as a head coach and with more hands on deck, namely Brad Childress helping run the offense.

People with the right skillsets that get them certain jobs generally do get better at those jobs as they get used to them and gain experience whether we’re talking about gas station employees or NFL coaches. The only question really is how high the ceiling is. Given what we saw from the Browns last year, we obviously hope they get better organically and also bring in enough new people to raise the ceiling overall for the team.

Is that Robert Griffin III? Maybe. Is it Andrew Luck? Nobody is talking about it, but maybe. The Colts are presumed to be taking Andrew Luck, but they have new front office leadership too. Maybe they’ll be looking to make a big trade.

The point is that we can have some fun with it, but it is important to remember that even if the Browns know a lot of things absolutely, they can’t possibly know what they are going to do over the next few months.  They have no idea how things will play out with their own free agents, free agents on the open market or the NFL draft.

Think about that the next time you say “just trade the two first rounders for RG3!”

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  • BrownsFanSF

    This is completely where I am right now.  We need too many pieces to be trading away first round draft picks.  If RG III falls to us then awesome!  If he doesn’t, let’s load up on 3 quality starters in the first two rounds and start scouting Barkley

  • mgbode

    one stache would never do that to another

  • Mansoor Khan

    Well… Okay then. If Coples is out, I’m not sure which DE I like. Mercilus has a cool name, I guess. He’s a high motor guy who did well for just one year on a bad team. But he’ll probably get picked between 4 and 22. Unless we trade down from 4, we probably won’t get him. 

  • mgbode

    Little  61rec 709yds 2TDs
    Cribbs 41rec 518yds  4TDs

    also, Taylor had the exact opposite reputation at Baylor.  he played 70+ plays a game for them.   that’s a ton for a DT in college and he was respected for it.   he definitely got blown off the line by blocks at times but if we are comparing him to Rubin and ’07 Shaun Rogers, then that is a good thing.

  • MrCleaveland

     Holy profanity! If the Browns ever came up with anything as stupid as those Ram Rules, I swear I’d chuck it and move to Pittsburgh.

    Just embarrassing.

  • mgbode

    I like Ingram at #22 the best I guess, but really and underwhelming DE group.

  • mgbode

    yet another reason to throw $$ at Mario Williams

  • Referencing 16 weeks of failures is hardly nitpicking.  Nitpicking would be focusing on one or two errors that were eventually correct but never occurred again.

  • Mansoor Khan

    Yeah… Plus, the DE we will get will be going against the opponents left tackle, right? So we should aim for a player better than Sheard. Mario Williams would be nice… But I doubt it. 

  • Natedawg86

    It will forever be known as the Ram Roll.  You just got Ram Rolled

  • MrCleaveland

     Well, since no one else is going to say it, I guess it’s up to me: Isn’t “general consensus” redundant?

    My work here is done.

  • Garry_Owen

    I suppose you could theoretically have a “specific” consensus, but I have no idea what that would be.
    So … Good catch.

  • floydrubino

    Randy Lerner is the furthest thing away from being a chess player. I don’t think he could even grasp checkers. Chess means you are thinking about moves way down the line and Randy Lerner doesn’t have this ability. Holmgren hired Shurmur which was just a horrible move. Looks like he is breaking out the checkerboard to play some with Lerner. Heckert is so important to this franchise because he is the only voice of reason from a management/executive perspective.

  • floydrubino

    Pat Shurmur has no business having this job but look what kind of position that Holmgren has put us in the last 2 years. He kept mangini that he knew he was going to get rid of unless a miracle happened and then he hired shurmur that was grossly unprepared. The argument isn’t if these people are going to be better because it’s obvious they are going to improve(they stink they only can get better)but where is their ceiling. Holmgren has wasted away 2 years and now 3 because shurmur isn’t the answer. Do you really see Shurmur and Mccoy being a superbowl winning coach/qb combination. Shurmur was so unprepared last year  that if heckert was not able to sneak away Dick Jauron think about how bad our season would have been. I just can’t believe the situation that holmgren has put us into. Heckert is our only chance to do well.

  • floydrubino

    Shurmur didn’t even deserve the opportunity to be coach. Holmgren put him into a terrible situation not having a staff and if you are shurmur you aren’t turning down the chance to be a head coach in the nfl. We will find out this year if Shurmur shows us something but if he starts off terrible it is Holmgren’s responsibility to come in and coach because we hired him to get this thing in the right direction. He owes it to us or he should have never accepted the job. I don’t want to have holmgren hire a 2nd cousin of his or one of his friends because our franchise is his own personal playground.

  • floydrubino

    It’s the consensus of browns fans who are wrong. I’ll give up some picks for RG3. If we don’t pick RG3 I would pick defense because we are going to need a world beating defense to win with mccoy.

  • Henry Brown

    He wasn’t better than Rubin but if he’s a little better than Shaun Rodgers as a rookie you should consider that the greatest draft coup of all time.

  • Henry Brown

    Your surgeon analogy is the worst ever given that he clearly said you had to have a baseline skillset to even be considered for the job. And he’s absolutely correct that anything you do more, you’ll get better at doing, if for no other reason than familiarity. The only question, as he said, is the ceiling.

  • Henry Brown

    and??? Sheldon is an outstanding tackler. He is definitely not afraid of contact.

  • Guest

    “The Browns can’t know what they’re doing yet.”

     C’mon. Phrasing.

  • mgbode

    so when screens are run to your side of the field, you are supposed to run backwards and let the blocker take you out of the play.  gotcha.

  • saggy

    good to see someone in the boat with me.  Browns MIGHT be able to trade down and get Claiborne.  He’s my guy, like Peterson last year.

  • Henry Brown

    Safe picks = 4 to 7 wins a year. Yea!

  • Henry Brown

    I forgot, that one play you saw defines a career.

  • Henry Brown

    If RG3 is worth taking at 4 he’s worth trading picks for. If you don’t think he’s worth trading for then he’s not worth taking at 4.

  • Henry Brown

    Wouldn’t the Vikings just make the trade then?

  • Garry_Owen

    Haven’t heard that they’re looking for a QB, but, yeah, they could.

  • The_Real_Shamrock


  • Big Z

    I’m pretty sure H+H’s perfect scenario would be to have Peyton go to Arizona so the Browns can get Kolb and try to keep their 1st round picks this year. I’d be more than pleased if this happened.

    I don’t think we’re getting Flynn – I think he’s going to Miami or staying put. If Philbin doesn’t take him, teams will think there’s a good reason for it and stay away.

    I wouldn’t mind having Matt Moore come over to compete w/McCoy for the starting job if they decide to keep “the kid.” 

    The price for RG3 will get to ridiculous with the Redskins in the mix.

  • Craig

    Thought about it, just trade the two first rounders for RG3!

  • Jeredturner

     I wouldn’t be upset with Morris Claiborne. Wouldn’t mind if they traded down for more picks and drafted OL Riley Reiff either. Not always attractive, but usually safe picks (Joe Thomas…Joe Haden)