The Best Browns Since 1999 – Safeties

Brodney Pool didn’t have an easy time beating out Brian Russell in this voting.  Russell actually beat Pool in first place votes 1168 to 1064.  Pool picked it up thanks to a huge margin in second place votes with 926 to Russell’s 524.  In fact, despite Russell getting so many first place votes, he was beat in the second place voting by Pool, Earl Little, Abram Elam and Chris Crocker.  Very strange results indeed.

Not so close on the strong safety side of things.  T.J. Ward dominated Sean Jones.  Ward scored almost 1900 first place votes to Sean Jones’ 885 and Robert Griffith’s 676.  It pays to be popular and current, I guess.  T.J. Ward is a good player and the Brown missed him desperately when he was out hurt this season.  The Browns let Jones walk and he signed a 1-year $3 million deal with the Eagles in 2009 to replace Brian Dawkins in their secondary.

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Special Teams

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Secondary – Cornerbacks | Safeties

  • Kildawg

    Biggest reason I think Ward won handily as SS: he hits opponents HARD. He should stay constantly healthy and be better than those old guys in bal and pit (the ones those pundits want to start at all pro bowl games for AFC). Please keep core D together with Haden, Ward, Jackson, Rubin, Sheard, Taylor, and Gocong. 

  • Max

    The title of this entire series should be “Not Found, Error 404”

    ha ha just joking guys…the Brian Russell voting is interesting indeed. I think I had him 2nd but can’t honestly remember.

    I also think Crocker got lost in the wash a bit by being eligible at both positions. He was always dependable, or so I though. Either his versatility speaks to his usefulness, or his inability to shine brightly at one position made him mediocre at two…tomayto tomahhto I suppose

  • Mazmanwoo

    Are you kidding me.  NO MIKE ADAMS?  How do you have Devin Bush, Marquez Pope and Marquis Smith (Akili’s cousin).   Oh well