The Best Browns Since 1999 – Linebackers

Inside linebacker hasn’t been a position of strength overall for the Browns since 1999.  They’ve had some solid players and some very good players, but they’ve lacked a superstar.  Still, in Browns fans minds the choices were pretty clear.  D’Qwell Jackson scored over 2700 first place votes while Andra Davis came in a distant second with 661.  Davis crushed the competition with 1568 second place votes with Jackson taking 720 and Chris Gocong scoring 485 votes.

Third place was closer as Browns fans tried to sort out the best of the rest.  Gocong had the most third place votes with 898.  Andra Davis had 560.  Dwayne Rudd had 547.  Wali Rainer beat Earl Holmes 409-404.

Outside linebacker was also a pretty clear choice for Browns fans.  Jamir Miller crushed the competition for first with 2280 votes compared to Wimbley’s 528.  The second place voting was clearly taken by Wimbley with over 1200 while Fujita (690,) McGinest (473,) and Matt Roth (466,) tried to catch up.  Third place votes went to Fujita, Roth, Wimbley and McGinest in that order.  In the end, if you were starting a team with these players in their prime, you could do a lot worse than having Jamir Miller and Kamerion Wimbley pressuring the QB from the outside.

Offensive Line – Left Tackle | Left Guard | Center | Right Guard | Right Tackle

Pass Catchers – Wide Receivers | Tight Ends

Runners – Running Backs | Fullbacks

Special Teams

Defensive Line – Defensive Ends | Defensive Tackles

Secondary – Cornerbacks | Safeties


  • Harv 21

    another really depressing list. The league is filled with impact LBs, but one good season of Jamir Miller is about it for us, And no, tackle-stat guys like D’Qwell and Andra Davis are not game-impacting playmakers, not guys offenses scheme around.  

  • Tim

    Wimbley has been very underrated by most Browns fans because he didnt turn into a Suggs type linebacker… But he was good to very good for the time he was here

  • Scotty

    Matt Roth should be higher…and  Dwayne Rudd should be waaayyy lower

  • @37crookshankave

    for once i agree this is a very respectable result

  • mgbode

    1 good, 1 bad season for Scott Fujita got him 3rd on this list.  And, I agree with that placement.  Ugh!

  • mgbode

    I think Speilman should have been ranked 4th on the ILB list.  He did more for the team by getting picked in the expansion draft and never playing a down than the guys below that spot have done for the team (and actually, there’s an argument for 3rd because the only time Gocong was a truly positive impact on the field was from the SOLB spot after Fujita got hurt last year)

  • floydrubino

    All these lists are so pathetic. Randy Lerner has to be arguably one of the worst sports owners in all of sports. Nice legacy to leave behind Randolf. I can’t believe the league has allowed someone run a team like this for how long they have. We should all be so lucky that you have this much room to screw up and keep your business. After these lists I realize more and more that Lerner does not deserve this franchise. He owns it just to own it and has no pride in his job. He is destroying the franchise right before our eyes. And it is just too pathetic to choose from these guys.

  • mgbode

    ***picturing Randy Lerner sitting in a baby seal pelt covered arm chair behind a desk carved out of a 300yr old great redwood from Big Sur with a maniacal grin on his face as he plots ways to make those Browns fans who mocked him in his youth suffer.