The Best Browns Since 1999 – Defensive Ends

It says an awful lot about the season that Jabaal Sheard had as a rookie that he dominated the competition here.  Granted the competition was a bit skewed because the Browns played 3-4 so long and especially during Kamerion Wimbley’s time in Cleveland.  Still, there are a lot of years of defensive ends that Sheard had to compete against for the honor of being number one in Browns fans’ minds.

Sheard scored 1944 first place votes.  Kenard Lang had 571 and Courtney Brown had 417 as the next two closest.  Robaire Smith crushed Courtney Brown in the second place voting 700-500 in order to overcome that first place vote deficit.

You will notice that Sheard is basically the only current Cleveland Browns player on the radar here.  Jayme Mitchell came in 10th and that is probably an insult to Michael Meyers.

Kick returner wasn’t close and shouldn’t have been close.

Stay tuned for next week when we start to get into defense and eventually quarterback.

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