Pic: Browns Joe Haden’s Full-Forearm Tattoo

Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden recenty revealed a pic of his otherwise covered tattoo on Tuesday evening.

Located on what appears to be the inside of his right arm, Haden placed a star with his jersey number 23 directly above the phrase “Dreams Come True” written in a cursive-like font. Sandwiched between the phrase and the date on which he was drafted (April 22, 2010) is a fairly large NFL logo. The entire image is surrounded by tribal-esque flames. Haden, who plays with arm sleeves, rarely has this arm art on display.

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  • DT91nmj

    Did he get a Copyright waiver from the NFL??

  • Anonymous

    i thought the same thing.  nice.

  • I would’ve used a capital “C” in the word come, just for continuity’s sake, and the star doesn’t seem centered over the NFL logo. #AlignmentNazi #TypographyGeek

  • sick, Bro.

  • Andrew

    I’ve seen this before. Is just the 23 in the star new?

  • Drew

    Thought the same thing

  • Andrew – did a little more recon, Haden did have this tattoo at camp this year; must have gotten it last offseason as he did not have it in March of last year.

  • USSChoo

    Love Haden, but with the money he makes, he needs to find a better tattoo artist.

  • Anonymous

    Darn was hoping for a Browns brand.

  • MrCleaveland

    I got a similar tat when I got my first job at Taco Bell.

  • Anonymous


    Sorry, more log-in weirdness

  • deuce

    How much do you think the fine will be? 10, 20k?

  • Jaker

    A Browns Logo would have been a little reassuring

  • Polz

    What company do you work for? Now tattoo that on your body….didn’t think so. 

  • Abcnew

    Joe has had this tattoo for like 6 months now…