Delonte West Expresses Appreciation For Cleveland

The Dallas Mavericks’ visit to the Q last night meant the return of Delonte West. Along with West, the Dallas visit also led to a re-hash of their NBA Finals win over public enemy number one in Cleveland. The former Cavalier guard is talking to the media these days, and expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the Cleveland fans and the Cavalier organization, along with owner Dan Gilbert.

Via Tom Reed of The Plain Dealer:

“I don’t consider them fans, I consider them my friends,” West said. “We had such a close bond. It’s good to see the same faces. And that speaks to what Cleveland sports is about. Even though the things that went on.”

Delonte also talked about his new team, and how it compares to his time in Cleveland.

“It’s just a great atmosphere. Like Cleveland, it’s just another one of those owners [in Mark Cuban] that just gets it.”

As for Dirk Nowitzki, Bill Livingston discussed the warm reception he and the Mavericks received after their NBA Finals win over LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Dirk:

“When you’re caught up in the Finals, you really don’t know about these things…I think this whole city and this whole region were hurt by the way LeBron left.”

  • Anonymous

    Always loved Delonte

  • JM

    Come back Delonte! Retire as a Cavs player!

  • Here’s a guy with a serious mental condition who “gets it” more than many people who are of “sound mind.”  The irony is everywhere. 

    Thanks, Delonte.

  • Guest

    My favorite Delonte story was from Shaq’s recent book when the Cavs were in a film session and Mike Brown calls out certain players for not hustling back on one play; the very next play Lebron doesn’t hustle back and Mike Brown ignores it….until Delonte interrupts the film session and points out the clear double standard. 

    Love that guy

  • Tom Pestak

    Delonte always played hard, like Varejao.  He had a nice mid-range game, played great D, and was fiesty as hell.

  • still have jersey #13 with West on the back… always will.

  • Craft to the Rafters

    throughout the leb*tch years, I always told anyone who would listen that Delonte was my favorite Cav

  • Anonymous

    I won a “dinner with DeLonte” promotion from Quaker Steak and Lube the year before the Shaq acquisition.

    I was totally ready for him to come in, say hi, sign some stuff and hit the road while my friends and family gorged on wings…boy was I wrong.

    West sat down with the table of 10 guests I was allowed to bring, answered any question we asked from who’s the toughest player he’s ever guarded to what’s the worst thing about being in the league.

    He ordered wings with us, ate dinner amd even challenged me to an atomic wing eating contest. His “handler” advised him against it to which he replied…”I’m a big boy, I got this.”. We each ate one.

    He then signed all the Cavs/West merchandise we had brought and posed for several pictures.

    This is one of my favorite “Cleveland athlete” memories with one of my favorite Cleveland Athletes of all time.


  • JM

    one of the best stories ever especially about an NBA player

  • Jeasica west

    I want delinte west. #pronto!!

  • Jeasica west

    How can can I get a chance to meet Delonte West?!!!!?????! I like love him sooooo much it hurts!!!!