While We’re Waiting… Consolation Prize, If Twitter Existed Then and Herron’s Draft Stock

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“Counter punch: Yoenis Cespedes, anyone? To me, this would be the best move the Indians could make to show Indians fans they mean business. He’s young, controllable and could be a star in the Majors. He fits within what the Indians are trying to do and is, really, the only thing left on this winter’s market that would send a strong message to the fans. The Indians definitely have interest, but this could turn into a bidding war.” [Bastian/]

“So when do we get our blockbuster headline? Looking back at the Tribe’s free-agent signings over the last 20 years or so, there have been some notable names, but none on the level of Fielder or Pujols. The Indians did have moderate success keeping their own star prospects before they approached free agency, but those decisions have led to the payroll-crushing deals given to the likes of the under-performing Travis Hafner and the oft-injured Grady Sizemore.

In the Indians’ heyday of the 1990s, aging pitchers Dennis Martinez and Orel Hershiser brought veteran stability to the Indians’ rotation, but neither was in his prime when they wore Wahoos on their caps. The core of those championship teams were draft picks who came up through the system together, with one or two notable exceptions: In 1999, 30-year-old all-star Roberto Alomar joined the Indians for roughly $7 million per season, a headline-maker to be sure. And in 2001, the Tribe brought 31-year-old run-producing machine Juan Gonzalez to town on a $10 million deal. Alomar was an MVP-caliber player for three straight seasons with the club, and Gonzalez hit .325 with 35 home runs and 140 RBI in his only year with the team.

Since then? Not a superstar deal to be found.” [Frantz/News Herald]

Exactly what I said about Herron. A great 3rd down back, who will play for a while- “Boom Herron had some explaining to do this week, but he didn’t have a ton of proving to do. He’s not a first or second day pick, but Herron is a solid player with a track record of productivity and a running style that indicates he can move the chains in the NFL. He’s the type of person who can help himself in interviews with NFL decision-makers, and he’s the type of back who can be ready if called upon next fall. He might never be a 1,000-yard rusher, but he’ll have a career. ” [Jackson/FSO]

Interesting slant, If Twitter Existed Then… “Quick diversion here…I remember just about everything about this game, but most vividly, I remember sitting around with a bunch of fraternity brothers and other friends watching it. Being from Cleveland and going to college in Indiana, my fellow Hoosier natives would cheer against Cleveland teams just to irritate me. From about halfway through the fourth quarter to the end of the double overtime though, every person in the room with me went from saying “Go Pistons!” to “I cannot believe what I am seeing right now.” Absolutely one of my favorite moments in college.

If Twitter existed: Marv Albert calling it “one of the greatest performances in NBA history” immediately results in #MarvAlbert becoming a trending topic worldwide and people instantly declaring it the single greatest performance in all of sports history. Pistons fans are in awe and tweet things like “…” and “I have no words for what I just saw.” No Cavs fan can resist tweeting “I am a witness!” ” [Maroun/Hardwood Paroxysm]

Love this. Which baseball player has worn the most different uniforms? How about the player that wore the same exact style uniform for the most seasons? [Creamer/Getting Blanked]

  • porkchopxpress

    Can we all remember that  James Dolan is not rich, and he doesn’t own the Knicks his dad does.  he is in the same boat as his cousin Paul.  James is the son a billionaire (Charles), who happens to own MSG, and the cable rights to everything that goes on therein as well as the cable rights to nearly the whole state of New York.  This means that when lil Jimmy screws up the Knicks dad just boosts peoples cable rates.  Same with Steinbrenner the Dolans aren’t losing money in New York, you simply can’t compare it to the Indians.

    The whole idea about spending money to make money is absolute BS too.  I still had a season ticket package in ’07 ( woulda kept it but woulda had to sell my daughter born that year), and during that amazing run the stadium didn’t even reach half full until august.  And the next year nobody showed up.  The indians have the absolute most fickle fairweather fans in town and people are utterly hypocritical shouting that they should spend money when said fan has no intention of supporting the team until they go on another ’90s run.  You want a different owner I want different fans because I’m as tired of the Red Sox bandwagon filling up the Jake the way Steeler fans do the Stadium.

  • Anonymous

    but tell us how you really feel 🙂

    it’s not all on the fans though.  yeah, they are fickle compared to the Browns, but that’s just the priority meter.  looking back, the Tribe had a chance to leapfrog back over the Cavs if the CC, Lee, and Victor trades panned out.  So far, we are 1 for 3 on those.   I am not sure how the Tribe will be able to get past the terrible public perception that they have now in the city.

    Really, the Tribe leaving is one of my biggest fears.  2023 is fast approaching because once you are within a 5yr window of that date, then buyouts become possible.   If something isn’t done to change fan perception, then I could see them moving.    And, if they move to SA, then I am going to be devastated (a team that I will have to hate but will be just an hour drive from my home).

    If something isn’t done to change perception in the next few years, I would suspect the Dolans will sell the team (say by 2015), then the ‘new’ owners that everyone is clamoring for will be giving the city a 3-5 year trial window.  Once that window is up, the owners will either see fit to keep the team in town, or will begin exploring their other options.     Sad to even think about.

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  • Anonymous

    Classic oribiasi: non-answer through deflection and/or subject change.