Video: Kyrie Irving’s Spin Move on Al Jefferson

Al Jefferson may have led the way for Utah in their defeat of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he took some time to show love to rookie point guard Kyrie Irving following a spin move which led to two hard-earned points for the Wine and Gold.

  • AMC

    Derek Roseian move from KI.  Regardless of what happens with this team’s W-L record, Kyrie is looking like the real deal and like he could be a really special player.

  • I thought it was more Iverson last night. I can see *some* Rose, but nowhere near as strong.

  • Mark

    Funny, I saw that move and thought Chris Paul. Rose – too strong. Iverson – too quick. Maybe my expectations were low but Kyrie is better than what I thought he’d be. And only 19.

  • Harv 21

    My thinking is that ultimately he might most resemble Isaiah Thomas. Not the strongest or fastest but a PG who both likes to pass and is also totally confident in his wide offensive arsenal. Thomas always found a way to slither to the hoop, and was one tough SOB out there.

  • Greg

    Great move.  But am I the only one that noticed it was a travel?

  • Anonymous

    yes please.  would love if Irving modeled his game after Isiah.

  • Mike

    Yeah, Rose wouldn’t have been falling to the ground when he released the shot, he would have been at the rim.  Irving is doing a very solid job of getting to the hoop, but his size and lack of super-elite athleticism is always going to hurt his ability to finish.

    As Irving’s game grows and evolves, he’s going to need to draw the foul off Jefferson in that situation, rather than going around him for a tough, tough shot.

  • Fletcher12

    Correct Greg, but this is the NBA.  They allow every player to travel.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a great sign if the refs are already letting him travel.