Varejao: It’s What I Try to do Every Night

Well, it’s what I try to do every night: get the second chance and stuff like that. Tonight worked out. Tonight worked out. We had the ball back and we had the chance to win the game. And Kyrie [Irving] made the shot. And we won. Tough game. But the key for the game to me was how our defense in the fourth quarter. Through the whole game we played hard on defense. And that’s why we won the game.

– Cavaliers center Anderson Varejao following the team’s 88-87 win over the Boston Celtics. Varejao finished with 18 points, nine rebounds and two steals. His ability to harness a loose ball with 22 seconds remaining provided the opportunity to earn the win.

  • Kyrie Irving does not get that last shot if not for Varejao’s hustle. Plain & simple. Andy is easily team MVP thus far.

  • Mccullough_dave

    Andy is the man, his play drives opponents crazy, he is everywhere and never quits. So much energy what team wouldn’t want him.Got to believe this team will grow to be a contender.