Video: Urban Meyer Shows Off His New Office

For those who might have missed it earlier this week, Urban Meyer invited the Big Ten Network into his new office to check out the new digs. Some fans may cringe at the sight of the Bengals helmet, or even the Percy Harvin jersey he has in there, but all in all, it’s nice to see a glimpse behind the curtain. He talks about his family and having his son help him coach at OSU, as well as some of the other things that mean a lot to him. But perhaps the biggest thing to notice is all the empty shelves, which serve as a start reminder of the hole Jim Tressel left on the program when he was fired, as well as the new chapter in OSU football that Urban Meyer represents. There’s a lot of space in those walls for new memories to fill.

Check out the video below:

(h/t BlockONation for the link to the video)

  • Pete

    Bengals fan? God damnt are you kidding me?

  • Mark

    I saw something similar to this with Mack Brown, showing off this office at Texas. His office was huge. You could have landed a plane in it. And dead cows were everywhere – suede rugs, leather chairs, mounted longhorns on the walls. I guess they like their cattle down there.

  • Jay

    A Bengals helmet & a Steelers Pouncey jersey (next to Harvin’s). I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  • Yeah, you’d think being from Ashtabula he’d be a Browns fan. Or Steelers….

  • Anonymous

    Pouncey played for him.

  • Big Ol’ Woody…Hayes

    I don’t like the Stealers.  The Bengals > the browns!!

  • Big Ol’ Woody…Hayes

    I don’t like the Stealers.  The Bengals > the browns!!

  • Anonymous

    He may have also received the Bengals helmet from one of his former players.  Andre Caldwell?  Carlos Dunlap?  Reggie Nelson?  In fact, the only actual football memorabilia that I saw in his office came from former players.  Nice gestures from those guys, and good motivation for his current players.

    His alma mater is also the University of Cincinnati.  While not enough of a justification for me to shift allegiances, we don’t know what his experiences were there.

    We just need Joe Haden to donate a helmet and jersey.  Somebody get on it!   

  • Anonymous

    meant to respond earlier to this one.  with all the cows we kill here for our BBQ restaurants (BBQ in TX is beef not pork), it would seem wasteful if we didn’t put all that skin to good use 🙂

  • M_kozub

    Haden, get him a freaking Browns Jersey NOWWW!!!

  • Bowdenssp

    You Bucknuts have to get over yourselves. Urban is your coach, not the King of Buckeye Nation. He is allowed to have favorite teams, other than the ones that are officially approved by Tressel. He is also allowed to have memorabilia from guys that he coached.
    What are you going to do the first time Tebow shows up on the sideline in the Big Horseshoe?