Today in 1941: Indians’ Bob Feller Highest Paid MLB Player Making $40,000

From the Associated Press via the Tuscaloosa News, we find that Cleveland Indians’ starting pitcher Bob Feller is in fact still the highest paid player in the game despite some consternation surrounding said topic. 

Coincidentally, this January 23, 1941 report arrives in the column next to a report surrounding the wife of George Herman “Babe” Ruth stating that her husband was “done” with the game of baseball.  Ruth had been rumored to be a potential manager within the Pacific Coast League stating “we feel he has worked hard enough in baseball to take it easy now.”

  • Hrd53

    I love little historical tidbits like this… more please!

  • Jay

    I agree. I’m a bit of a history dork, so this is right in my wheel house. More please indeed!