Scott: Cavs Feel They Can Win No Matter Who They’re Playing

I get the sense that, just, the fact that when we’re in games, we feel we can win. I don’t know if it’s keeping it close or what, but when we play the way we’re capable of playing, we feel we can win the game no matter who we’re playing. […] That’s the ultimate confidence, when you have a guy [like Kyrie Irving] who can deliver in the crunch like he did [against Boston] , it not only gives him more confidence, but his teammates confidence as well. Every team needs one: you have to have a closer, you have to have somebody who can close the deal. The players out there feel pretty good when the ball is in his hands.

– Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott, Tuesday, on the team’s ability to compete or beat some of the better teams i the NBA. The Boston Celtics will visit Cleveland as the two teams square off for the second time in three nights.

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  • I love this coach.  He tells it like it is, has masses of experiences as a player and coach, inspires his players to do better and he is the perfect leader for this young team.  A good mentor and an even better student of the game/now teacher of the game.

    May we be blessed with him for a while.

    Compare/contrast with Shurmur…yikes.

  • Anonymous

    you almost did it.  you almost made that post without the last line.  you could have done it, we believe in you 🙂

  • Yeah, you’re right.  I almost ignored 16 weeks of ineptitude and idiocy.  I almost hopped aboard the excuse train and ran it out of town.

    I’ll just never be as good as you, mgbode.  It wrecks me every day.

  • Ritz

    What the heck do the Browns have anything to do with the Cavs. Although I agree with you, why bring it up??

  • Ritz

    Scott is a very good coach, he is doing a wonderful job guiding Irving and has made this team competetive. I find myself almost never disagreeing with anything Scott does.