Report: Tony Grossi Out as Browns Beat Reporter

Scene Magazine’s Vince Grzegorek has reported that The Plain Dealer has removed Tony Grossi from the Cleveland Browns beat. Grossi “accidentally tweeted” last week calling Browns owner Randy Lerner “a pathetic figure, the most irrelevant billionaire in the world”.

Vince writes-

“He was in hot water with his editors and bosses at the PD over the inadvertent tweet, which displayed a huge bias — hatred even — toward the Browns’ owner. There was an obvious question whether he could objectively continue to cover the beat, the answer to which came when the Plain Dealer weighed in today with the move.”

Many Cleveland sports fans on twitter and facebook (and in our comment section) have been calling for Grossi’s removal for years, and aren’t very sympathetic to his dismissal today. There has been no official word from the PD on the disciplinary action or any potential replacements. (For full disclosure, WFNY has a partnership with the PD’s online home, Cleveland.com.)

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  • Eli

    Double posting trolling makes the world a better place.

  • Anonymous

    *chuckles at the notion that Grossi was an excellent writer*

  • tlgatr

    I’ve never been big fan of Tony Grossi, but he’s not too far off on this one. Randy Lerner is an absentee owner who has little interest in the Browns. He became the owner by default when his father Al passed away. When was the last time there was a Randy sighting in Cleveland Browns Stadium? Successful teams such as the Steelers, Patriots and Giants have one common thread…their teams’ owners are in the stadium at every game, home and away. You can say what you want about Art Modell, but he was a better owner than Randy. The bottom line as I see it is that leadership starts from the top and the top in this case is the owner. Without an owner who truly cares about the success of the Browns this team will go nowhere.

  • WOW

    Wow so did you not listen to the interview last week when he said he is in Berea all the time and is sick of losing?

  • Satch

    Finally he’s gone!

  • Youareamoron

    You’re an idiot.  This franchise was winning championships back when the game was actually still the game, and before your team even came into existance.  Your team’s one championship came against Kerry Collins…big whoop.

    Now go get an intelligent adult so you don’t embarrass yourself anymore.

  • Lerner sucks

    Randy Learner sucks and is a pathetic owner.

  • Yeah

    This. People don’t like him because he was not a HOMER. He was adversarial like a goo sportswriter SHOULD be! God help us if we get more MKC or Plutos! And yes, writers should have disdain for readers an their stupid questions! Grow up…

  • gotribe48

    Whom do the Browns want to cover the team? Tony Zarella, whose nose is already 100% brown? Grossi is an above average writer with a nice, long historical perspective on Cleveland football. The Browns didn’t have to throw their corporate weight around like this. They are a joke and should change uniform designs so we stop confusing them with the real thing, which is LONG GONE.

  • Georgewilliams630

    When is Tony Rizzo getting yanked he is just as bad!!!

  • tired

    kudos to someone who calls it like it is. the owners of all the cleveland pro teams [cavs,browns,indians] have taken advantage of the fans here for ever.the cleveland fans are the  best in the world. the owners know if they put a half  decent team out there the fans will flock to the games. cleveland will never see a championship until the fans say “enough is enough, we are done with you” and sadly that will never happen

  • Gelad

    Time for you to go back to school for history lessons kid!!! Ask your grandfather how he feels about the Irsays. It was FAR from a “pathetic franchise” until Modell, Art to you, bought it and fired one of the historic coaches in football, Paul Brown. Oh, make that two. Bill Belichick. Tony, won’t be missed, but he didn’t buy this revisionist Baltimore history!!!  Art did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING  to turn them into winners!!!!!!!   History boy, look it up!!!!!