Ohio State’s Dominic Clarke In Trouble Again

Ohio State’s Dominic Clarke, a young CB who showed great potential this season for the Buckeyes, is facing charges for the 2nd time in the last 3 months. Previously charged with disorderly conduct, Clarke was charged with drunken driving this week. Here’s the details from ESPN.com:

Clarke pleaded not guilty Thursday in Franklin County court, according to court records. He was charged Saturday with running a stop sign, speeding and operating a vehicle while impaired.

In October, Clarke was charged with disorderly conduct and fined after police said he discharged a BB gun on campus. No one was hurt.

His lawyer, Christopher Cooper, calls Clarke an excellent student and says “he’s no different than any 20-year-old and shouldn’t be treated any different than any 20-year-old.”

For new coach Urban Meyer this represents his first challenge at OSU with legal discipline. His players at Florida had a reputation for being in trouble with the law, so this must be a headache for Meyer to be dealing with this so early in his tenure at OSU. Such is the life of head coaches at big time football programs, though. Meyer told reporters he was still gathering facts and isn’t sure yet how Clarke will be disciplined.

[ESPN.com: Dominic Clarke Facing Charges]

  • Anonymous

    This is the time of year that I check the paper in hopes NOT to see an article about OSU football other than new recruits signed.  Lets hope we stay out of the headlines more often than not in the months leading up to the season.