NFL Draft Rumor: Browns Linked to Buckeye Mike Adams?

We all know that the Cleveland Browns need to figure out the right side of the offensive line as betting on Tony Pashos only paid off when compared to John St. Clair if at all.  Apparently the Browns could be placing a high priority on it as well in the draft according to WalterFootball.

Word is that the Cleveland Browns have serious interest in Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams. He has been inconsistent in Mobile, and that was his track record with the Buckeyes. Still, Adams plays a position with a high demand, and at the Senior Bowl he has also taken reps at right tackle. Cleveland could target Adams with their second first-round pick (from Atlanta) to upgrade their right side and replace veteran Tony Pashos. Adams could be a good bookend on the other side from Joe Thomas.

Too often Cleveland Browns fans who are also Ohio State Buckeyes fans start to clamor this time of year for the Browns to draft their favorite college players.  This is one of those times where there is some actual synergy to the possibilities.  Adams is a great athlete who would fill a position of need and at 22 in the first round probably isn’t being tremendously overvalued in some homer Buckeye fan manner.

Currently, NFLDraftScout.com has the giant 6’7″ Adams ranked as the fifth best offensive tackle and projects him in the second round.  CBS sports has him ranked 5th positionally and 38th overall while potentially landing him in the mid to late 20s of the first round in a couple of mock drafts.

[NFL Playoffs Teach Us that Building Teams is Hard Work]

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  • on adams, nationalfootballpost rates him #3 at OT.

    i find their ratings interesting because they’re so different from espn which (imo) tends to some group think.  note that martin and sanders are 6th and 7th on this site.  i believe both are on kiper’s big board.

  • As with all things, I’m with you Jim.  I think he’d be a fine RT and will shore up that side of the line well.  I’ve watched him play on numerous occasions (a few times in person) and I’m about 90% sure he is the real deal.  He’s no Joe Thomas, but he also no Tony Pashos. 

  • andrew made an interesting point in our email background convo.  he pointed out the adams is slightly weaker in pass block, but dynamite run block.  if you dig on good rumors -and i do- this could be an indicator that richardson is in the lead for #4.  (or david wilson at #37.)  either way, building out a run game would be an interesting twist.. which i kinda like.

  • Shamrock

    Won’t there be any free agent RTs available?  I’d much rather spend on someone who you kind of know (not another Pashos kind who had a track record of injury) what you are getting rather then a project.  Prefer seeing a skilled position player added with that pick.  Incindentally I listened to “ABAO” on STO yesterday and Michael Reghi was hosting.  He seems pretty convinced that the Browns will be active in free agency most likely at the WR position.  He mentioned Mount Union’s own, Pierre Garcon.  Man I sure hope the former is true.

  • Kegrwing12

    if the browns even think about taking him in the first two rounds that would be a bad draft.  We have more pressing holes than a rt.  i know its a pashos sucked and we are very weak at the position but i believe you can go into FA to find a more reliable rt.  no reason for a team to draft a rt in the top two rds 

  • Anonymous

    See if we can get this rolling…

    So I am hearing a lot about the browns trading up to #2 to get Griffin.  In order to do that, they will have to give up both first round picks to do so and nothing more according to draft points (#2 = 2600, #4 = 1800, #22 = 800).  Do you guys think this is worth it?  I would much rather take my chances with a FA QB (If we are moving on without Colt) and have the 2 first rounders than trade both for one guy.  What do others think?  

  • Anonymous

    Then (this probably goes without saying) we MUST get a stud WR through FA.  That’s the only way I like the “running game first” approach in the draft. 

  • Anonymous

    If they do that, they might as well sell the farm to get Luck at #1.  In my opinion, not a good move to give up all of those picks unless you land Luck. 

  • Anonymous

    hmmm, if we need to go #22 on Adams (likely), then we could still get Sanu possibly at #37.   or trade back and maybe pickup Fuller and gamble on Broyles or Childs or Criner later in the draft too.

  • Anonymous

    That is true, but I think they are going to be looking for about 5000 points, not 3000.  I don’t think there is anything that can get Luck out of Indy at this point.

    If Griffin is still on the board at #4, I am ok with that if that is what the leadership wants to do, but I don’t think moving up is the way to go with the needs we have right now.

  • Anonymous

    Valid point, but I’m nervous about trying the “2nd Round WR” thing again (though Sanu at #37 would be closer to a Rd 1 pick-up).  I think I’d still prefer a FA signing and use that pick to shore up another need. 

  • I am FIRMLY against the Browns trading up. Trade down? Fine. But please, please, please do not give away draft picks when this team has so many needs and such a huge talent deficiency. 

  • i’m getting all kinds of fired up over this.
    1. adams scout report:  ‘..at his best crashing down inside delivering nasty punch to seal the edge.’
    2. steinbach is one of the lightest guards in league.. able to pull?
    3. trent richardson -in the gym- is as close to jim brown as i’ve seen… ever.  (repeat, that’s ‘in the gym.’)

    imagine a power sweep w adams sealing edge, steinbach pulling around right end, cribbs blocking downfield, in front of TR.

    not only could that work and be awesome, it’s our heritage gents.  would LOVE to reclaim it.

  • Anonymous

    hey, Heckert found Desean in the 2nd round 🙂

    I understand that concern and it’s valid.  I do see alot of good WRs in the middle rounds of this draft, so if we get a Meachem in FA and then supplement with Childs/Criner/Broyles in the draft, I am good with that too (if, as proposed, we skip on a 1st round WR)

  • Anonymous

    I always like drafting linemen. I wouldn’t complain if Adams ended up wearing orange and brown on Sundays. 

  • Anonymous

    looks like better WRs might be available than OTs.   so, I would prefer to get our new RT in the draft.

  • Anonymous

    I agree at #4.   At #22, I wouldn’t mind spending ATL’s 4th rounder to move in front of Cinci if we think they will take the guy we want (perhaps Lamar Miller).

  • Anonymous

    As long as its not DeSean!  He is cancer, or Edwards!

  • Anonymous

    I always worry about guys from major programs who are inconsistent. If you’re not getting it down on a regular basis on Saturdays, why would you be able to do it on Sundays?

  • Anonymous

    I think we need to use our picks where they are (at least the #4).  I do not have a huge problem with moving from 4 as long as it is not out of the top 10.  I am tired of WAITING FOR NEXT YEAR!

  • Anonymous

    Cancer of not Desean is a game-changer.  We need his speed. He just wants his money and I don’t blame him. He deserves a fat contract. 

  • Anonymous

    It is so tough to know what I want them to do without knowing the strategy for FA.  A lot of moving parts going on here. No problem if they draft RB/WR or QB/WR if they have already secured the O line and maybe the secondary in FA. 

  • to get another RT via free agency is bordering on the definition of insanity.  (no disrepect intended.)

    kevin shaeffer
    john st clair
    tony pashos


    if we go splashy in FA i vote for mario williams.  DEs are one of the hardest positions to draft for (along with RB).  dwayne bowe would be distant 2nd on wish list.

  • Anonymous

    likely would take our #22 along with the $$$.  GB is iffy if they will franchise Flynn, but all reports out of Houston are that they will franchise Super Mario.

  • screw that then. too rich.
    perhaps avril… not gonna help the run D but… pass rush should be awesome.

    btw– is benard expected to come back and contribute? anyone?

  • EZ

    Looks like there might be a new contender for the Mike Adams award.  

  • Anonymous

    I like Avril.  Alot.  And, the Lions are in a bit of a squeeze because:
     Four players — receiver Calvin Johnson, quarterback Matthew Stafford, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch — are projected to account for half of the $120 million cap in 2012.

  • buckeyeinthebay

    Walter Football is the biggest joke of a sports website that ever existed.  The sight consists solely of the rambling thoughts of an idiot, nothing more.  I don’t normally support the ‘slob in his mom’s basement’ theory of blogs, but will make an exception for Walter Football.  I can’t believe you are that desperate for page views that you would write a post based on this crap.

  • Anonymous

    Rumor is that Benard somehow got it in his head that we want him to play kicker, so he just lost 100 lbs.





  • Anonymous

    do you say this because they have always ridiculed the Browns, because they have us drafting BOTH RGIII and Tannehill in the first round in their latest mock, or because they seem to have completely given up the past couple years?

    pretty sure these guys just used this note as a start for a talking point. nothing wrong with that.

  • guy, the caps.

    you raise a question i’m curious about too.  if theyre not talking to their players, i think they’re blowing it.  especially this year.

    phil taylor surely knows the baylor prospects:  jean-bapiste, wright, blake, ganaway, and that quarterback.
    greg little can speak to unc prospects:  coples, brown, jones, paige-moss.

    i remember watching the combine a couple years ago when abe elam was with the browns and was shouting out about his boy, a short WR from clemson.  elam’s buddy ran the fastest time in the combine.  but due to height lasted until the raiders got him in the 4th round — jacoby ford.

  • Anonymous

    You’re the yin to his “shift key” yang.   

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t disagree more with you.  Good right tackles don’t really go into free agency.  The guys who go into free agency are the Tony Pashos’s, Kevin Shaffer’s, and John St. Clair’s of the NFL.  For the most part, right tackles aren’t expensive compared to other positions, so the good ones are re-signed.  I’m not sure we can find a competent RT anywhere but the draft, so I’m all about using that late 1st round or early 2nd round pick on a right tackle.

  • Anonymous

    Guy, the lower cases.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind the idea of picking up a tackle with an early pick but I think taking Adams at 22 is dependent upon what we do at 4. I can’t see us not picking a solid WR at one of those positions. I really like Kendall Wright out of Baylor and I think that would add more than Adams to the offense. I think Adams is more likely to be there at 36.  

  • lolololollll.

    i should explain.  im not quite sure how it started but working in tech i got in the habit of reducing keystrokes.  but yeah, point taken, glass houses, etc.

  • Jeremy

    oribiasi I know we have been going back and forth on a couple of these threads.  Please take this respectfully….  In your honest opinion, what can the Browns do this offseason that would help you start to give you confidence that the FO is going in the right direction.  I know your opinion on the HC, I get that.  Put that aside for a minute.  Thanks.  Seriously I am not trying to be a jerk, I just want to know your opinion.

  • steve-o

    Maybe the most coveted position after QB is OL. They tend to be fixtures on a the team that drafts them. That is why good ones rarely become available in FA and why we must fill this need in the draft. I’m not sold on a RT in the 1st round though. This draft is full of them (Adams, Sanders, Potter, Massie, Datko, Reynolds, Barclay etc), so we should be able to get a decent one later. We need play makers in round one this year.

    Since he’s going to his fifth superbowl in ten trys (I’m guessing), I’ll take a chance and mention Belichick on this site. His philosophy on the o-line was that it only needs to be ‘good enough’. Meaning that you don’t need to have the best at every position. The line just needs to effectively do it’s job; give the QB enough time to throw or open a decent running lane. The backups also must be good enough to do this. Without a ‘good enough’ o-line no offense can be truly effective. This is why the better teams are those that tend to draft for o-line every year.

  • Joey_Potter

    Know Walter, exchange notes every now and then, smart guy, right a lot, gambles too much and parties too hardy. He hit this one on the head, but I doubt the Browns pull the trigger at 22. They may trade down from that spot to get him.

  • LittleWahoo

    Mike Adams has been a physical freak from the day he signed with OSU.  Always been a for sure draft pick because of his size and agile feet.  The knock was always that he was too soft and a little lazy.  He has made some progress and now is considered a run blocking beast.  I think he still has room to grow (upside).  However we have to hit on the first round this year so any head case issues should be considered before going all in.

  • Jcupek

    Bobbie Massie is a better pick than Adams but either one would solve the right tackle problem for many years to come.

  • Bfreetunes

    no, no, no, no.  This is one draft where the Browns simply cannot afford to “reach”  for any player at any position. They need to play this one straight up!  If Blackmon isn’t at #4, take Richardson, the with #22 take the best available receiver.  This is nothing to mess around with.  They REALLY need two receivers, and it will be tough enough to get another good receiver in FA. So maybe take Sanu in the second round if he’s still there…

  • Bfreetunes

    no, no, no, no.  This is one draft where the Browns simply cannot afford to “reach”  for any player at any position. They need to play this one straight up!  If Blackmon isn’t at #4, take Richardson, the with #22 take the best available receiver.  This is nothing to mess around with.  They REALLY need two receivers, and it will be tough enough to get another good receiver in FA. So maybe take Sanu in the second round if he’s still there…

  • Dale31

    Personally, I am not so worried about who we pick up in the second round. I am more concerned about picks 4 & 22.
    Most Likely, HILLIS will be gone. So, I think that any consideration of RG-3 is off the table and we will most likely pick up Trent Richardson as the New Browns RB. Now if we could resign Hillis then we could go after RG-3, but this is a long shot. Pick 22 should be used for the speediest WR with the best hands.  We need to get playmakers on offense who can gain yards and put points on the board.