NBA Rumors: Cavs Testing Waters for Varejao, Sessions

Prompted by a discussion which took place earlier in the morning, former Plain Dealer Cavaliers beat writer Brian Windhorst appeared on 850AM WKNR on Tuesday and discussed rumors surrounding the team’s front office and their largest human trade assets in center Anderson Varejao and point guard Ramon Sessions.

Windhorst stated that Chris Grant and management his team are very happy with the current make-up of the Cavaliers’ roster, but continue to be prudent in managing the big-picture and ensuring that all options remain open; the ever-popular battle between short-term success and long-term improvement.

Varejao, second on the team in PER (18.7), the only member of the Cavaliers with at least a 1.0 win share, and currently 29 years of age, has long been a target of several NBA franchises due to his relatively friendly contract and unrelenting energy when on the court.  The issue with a potential trade of Varejao, aside from the public relations impact of a transaction involving a fan favorite, would be the considerably thin frontcourt – Ryan Hollins, Semih Erden and Samardo Samuels – that would be forced into a considerably larger role.

Said Byron Scott on the prospects of trading his All-Defensive big man: “It would have to be an unbelievable person to get back.”

Sessions, who was previously linked to areas like Portland and New York, has been one of the key contributors in a reserve unit that is among the best in the league. The Knicks reportedly still have plenty of interest in the slashing guard, but continue to have next to nothing in terms of tradable assets. The reserve point  guard 10.3 points and five assists in 22 minutes per game.

With the 2012 NBA Draft expected to be rife with talent, any trades entertained by the Cavaliers are expected to oribt around the potential for adding additional first-round selections.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they can get a late first round pick from a contender for him. Then they can draft another  player like Justin Harper!!

  • I really think “The Fans” would understand.  If they don’t have it through their heads what the Cavs are doing right now, then said fans are very clueless.  I’d really enjoy watching Andy play on a really good team.  By the time the Cavs are relevant in 2 or 3 years, Andy will be that much older with higher probability of injury..

  • Jack

    Need to trade ’em and get Semi in…

  • Alexandra

    If they ever trade Varejao, I will forever be pissed. He was the first player on the team that I met, he’s the sweetest person I know, and I would miss him terribly.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously they can’t  trade him because Alexandra met him and would miss him terribly.

    Hopefully she has met Irving.

  • Still a bit early to move anyone. Would wait until at least mid-Feb when teams begin to get desperate and are willing to give up more for less. 

    Trade deadline is March 15th this year. Sure the Cavs are just testing the waters at this point.

  • Anonymous

    it’s never too early to trade Jamison – just saying.

    edit: or Parker.

  • True indeed…Can’t say I would miss Jamison heaving 20-25 shots per game. 

  • steve-o

    Hate to say it but AV’s our best trade option. Love the guy but he seems to get injured every year. That being said I wouldn’t trade him for anything less than an unprotected lottery pick or a younger player of similar caliber. I would not at all mind keeping him as a core veteran on a young team. If a GM is crazy enough to offer a first round pick for Sessions, we’d have to jump on that. Kyrie and Gibson could handle the point well enough. As I think about Jamison’s expiring contract and what we could do with it, I hope the Cavs keep it for themselves. Plus AJ is an ideal mentor.

  • Tim

    I say we deal Andy now and hold onto Sessions until the trade deadline… Andy is a ticking time bomb for an injury, and I think Sessions value will only get better come deadline time… Even if we get a 1st rounder and some younger talent I say jump on it!

  • I completely understand the reasoning for trading Andy, especially since he will be a little advanced in years when the team is ready to contend. But you would have to get a serviceable big in return for him plus a pick making it worth your while to move him.

    I don’t see that happening anywhere to be honest.

  • Anonymous

    the Thunder just lost their backup PG (Maynor) for the season and may be in the market for a new one.

  • chris lewis

    I agree the Cavs are only 2-3 years away as well.  Andy goes full bore, but he has not been a starter much of his carear so I would call him a young 29 and he will only be 31-32 when we are ready to make a playoff run.  An 8 seed could be possilbe as early as next year.  We all know that Jamison will not be back and Parker was signed to a 1 year stop gap contract.  We need Andy for his playoff experience alone.  Any “real fan” will know that post season hoops is WAY different than regular season.  It would be a FOOLISH move to trade away the heart and soul of the team.  Every team needs vets on the bench and in the locker room. 

  • JM

    So would the backup PG be?

  • Steve

    At this stage with Lebron instead of Irving, the Cavs were 2 years away from the playoffs, when the Eastern Conference was at a near low point. Even with a meteoric-Oklahoma Cityesque rise, it will take 4 years to be real contenders, which will be the last year of Varejao’s deal, when he will be 32, and well past his prime. Anderson Varejao is very unlikely to be a central piece on the next Cavs team that can contend. But you know who could be? The guy/draft pick we can get in a trade of him.

  • Anonymous

    that would depend who we got back in the trade.  obviously, we want their 1st rounder.   but, we’d likely take back a young player as well.  if it was Daquan Cook, then Gibson would slide to backup PG.  if it was Reggie Jackson, then he would be our backup PG.

  • JM

    I actually like that scenario. Just wasn’t sure who we would have to back up Irving. 

  • Maxwell Forstag

    Here’s who I want on the Cavs going forward: Kyrie, Tristan, Sessions, Andy. Anyone else can be moved.

    Yes, that’s a core of 2 pretty good pointguards and 2 hustle player power forwards with very raw offensive game. Think I’m already starting to rethink thoughts of “playoffs” in 2012. The upcoming draft would certainly help us.

  • Brockwilliams

    AV needs to go to the Heat!

  • Anonymous

    as long as we got Bosh and Norris Cole, I’d be fine with that trade 🙂

  • Anonymous

    thanks.  i just don’t know if Presti would do it since he values his young players so much.

  • ISO

    I like that reggie jackson senario

  • crowsfoot

    Sessions and Irving are a top-of-the-line ,1-2 punch. There aren’t many NBA point guard combinations that are better. Here’s hoping that the Cavs keep them both for some time to come. I’d hate to see Varejao leave us. His hustle and court smarts outweigh the fact that he’s not your prototypical center.

  • Andrewjackson5072

    y… like lebron, they already got bosh

  • CarringtonJames

    no, no no, no, no: the best possible trade that the cavs could pull is:

    Gee, Manny Harris, and Antwan Jamison for Roy Hibbert, George Hill, and Dahntay Jones:
    their lineup increases and if that happened and they signed somebody like Michael Beasley this summer their lineup would be:

    Irving, George Hill, Michael Beasley, Verejao, Roy hibberrt which means, they become contenders

  • Anonymous

    yeah, Roy Hibbert has only been the most important player on the Pacers this year (can score in paint, rebound, pass, block shots, man-up in the paint or help on defense).  I’m sure they’ll trade him for Jamison 🙂