MLB Rumor: Fausto Carmona Arrested for False Identity

Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Fausto Carmona has reportedly been arrested in the Dominican Republic on charges of false identity.

Carmona, whose name is allegedly Roberto Hernandez Heredia, was reportedly arrested while he was attempting to leave America to renew his visa. NBC.com’s Aaron Gleeman points out that another Dominican player, Leo Nuñez – whose real name is Juan Carlos Oviedo – was arrested on similar suspicion, but received little outside of minor jail time and a $6 million contract from the Florida Marlins.

Carmona, or Heredia, was recently the recipient of a $7 million team option and is expected to be stalwart within the Tribe’s 2012 rotation. He is coming off of an up-and-down season that saw him finish with seven wins and an ERA north of 5.00 through 188 innings of work.

“Look at [Fausto’s] career and some of the challenges he has had at certain points,” team GM Chris Antonetti said of last season’s opening day starter following the news of his contract status. “He has certainly come back from more challenging struggles than he had this [past] season. We are confident he can build upon last year and that he will be more effective in 2012.”

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(Source: Jorge Arangure)

  • Kristen Wirick

    “Heredia.” Looks and sounds a bit like a disease. I can’t wear a disease jersey.

  • Kunal


  • Harv 21

    I’m sure the DR immigration official had NO idea who he was.  Fausto Fausto Fausto, just pay the man.

    Could be worse; this is a whole lot better than what’s happened to some Venezualen players.

  • Anonymous

    I thought this was going to be something about him impersonating a number one starter. Boy, was I wrong.

  • Kevin

    Three years older than thought too?! Sheesh…

  • CP

    “UPDATE: Dionisio Soldevilla of the Associated Press reports that Carmona/Heredia is actually 31 years old, not 28 as everyone believed. That means his standout rookie season came at age 26 and could give the Indians a way to void his contract.” Hardballtalk.com

  • buckeyeinthebay

    Shit, this guy has been an impostor since 2008…

  • Anonymous

    Why would they need to void his contract? Aren’t they in team option years now anyways?

  • Brendon

    “Nunez” alluded jail time in the Dominican for cooperating with a larger investigation that led to other arrests. Can we say that for “Fausto”?

  • Brendon

    And “Nunez” was never arrested, I believe. He turned himself in and signed a sworn statement

  • William Brelo

    Uh oh, AP just reported that  Roberto Hernandez Heredia is another false identity and Fausto’s real name is Danny Almonte. 

  • Anonymous

    I’d say starting in the fall of ’07. 

  • Anonymous

    Hope this Heredia guy can pitch, and isn’t a complete headcase. 

  • Is that why I could never find Fausto on Facebook?  Any reason why guys go with different names?

  • Shamrock

    LoL way to go Tribe!

  • Anonymous

    Lifebouy alert

  • CP

    They create false identities with a younger DOB in order to appear more valuable to a club.

  • bridgecrosser

    please.  Bug game.  Was nails.

  • Anonymous

    Please. Boston series. Was AWOL.

  • Steve

    Was squeezed more than any pitcher I’ve seen in my life


  • Anonymous

    Good call.  Backing away slowly . . .

  • Tgd46

    Just another illegal immigrant!

  • Gren

    If you weren’t glad the Indians picked up his option, you have to be now !