Jason La Canfora: Sherman or Childress to Cleveland “Almost Certainty”

NFL.com writer Jason La Canfora tweeted today that Mike Sherman and Brad Childress, both candidates for the Tampa Bay Head Coaching job and targeted by the Browns to be Shurmur’s Offensive Coordinator, will now start looking for OC positions.

The Buccaneers hired Rutger’s Greg Schiano to be their new coach, which filled the last head coaching vacancy. As has been reported at WFNY before, both candidates have ties to Shurmur and/or Mike Holmgren, and were considered heavy favorites to be given the job. Obviously either candidate would have accepted a head coaching job before becoming Shurmur’s OC, and there is no telling if either would be willing to allow Shurmur to call the plays.

Regardless, with all the HC  positions filled, look for the OC search to intensify.

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  • Shamrock

    Prefer Sherman but don’t ask me why, lol

  • Anonymous

    I can live with either for no other reason than I have heard of them. Hoping whoever it is will have some better weapons to work with.

  • Ghost

    Its going to be Sherman.

  • I feel the exact same way and I have no idea why…

  • Anonymous

    Sherman is reportedly interviewing in Miami.   I would prefer him.

  • Anonymous

    really though, it’s nice to see that we actually were just waiting on the HC jobs to fill up and are now going to interview valid OCs.

  • Floydrubino

    i would much rather have mike sherman. If it is brad childress i can already hear the news in cleveland’s front office of “hey i heard that donavan mcnabb is in much better shape now. Should we sign him.” if we sign childress and then sign mcnabb then i might start believing in the Mayan calender.

  • Anonymous

    Rutgers coach got the Miami job reportedly.

    There are more then a few WRs available via free agency plus you never know on Santonio Holmes or DeSean Jackson.  Hoping someone moves up ahead of #4 to snag Griffin that way he’s removed from the equation.

  • Anonymous

    1. Childress interviewed for the Dolphins OC job last offseason and lost out on that job.  Brian Daboll won that job. 
    2. Lots of play-calling issues he had in Minny (Adrian Peterson even calling him out on it.)  Though he was HC too when he called plays.
    3. Didn’t have play calling duties in Philly because that was Reid’s job at the time.
    All that being said, he never did get a chance to be an OC calling plays rather than HC.  He could be a good call.  Just not alot of overwhelming evidence to back that up from his history.

    1. Sherman took the 28th ranked Texans offense to 14th in 2007 (his first year as OC there).
    2. Sherman was Holmgren’s hand-picked OC in Seattle before GB stole him back to be their HC.  GB was pretty darn good on offense those years and alot of credit went to Sherman (not sure how much was truly him).

    Those are the main reasons I prefer Sherman, but we’ll see what happens.

  • Anonymous

    TB hired Schiano.   Miami hired Philbin.