Irving: It’s the Cleveland Cavaliers Versus the Chicago Bulls

[Derrick Rose] is a great point guard, the best probably in the game, [but] it’s just another game. I’m not really facing Derrick Rose. I’m facing the Chicago Bulls. It’s the Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Chicago Bulls. That’s what I’m looking forward to.

– Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving on Friday’s opponent Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls. Rose is questionable to play in the contest. Irving was surprised to recently find out that he was leading the Cavaliers in points, saying, “Honestly, I just feed off my teammates.”

  • While I do have to temper my expectations of this kid and this young team, he does give me a reason to smile almost everyday, either with his shooting or with what he says.  He takes ownership for his mistakes and acts like an adult when asked about match ups.  May we be blessed with more players like him.

  • Anonymous

    Amen!  Loving some Kyrie Irving regardless of where the Cavaliers land at the end of the season.  Quality guy and he has what it takes on the court to be a star.

  • this kid is our future, he knows how to run a team and knows how to act in society.  He is the start of something good in Cleveland (finally)

  • BrownsFanSF

    Couldn’t agree more!  Sometimes the stuff he says sounds too good to be true, but I honestly think he means it.  It’s like they shrank Tim Duncan lol

  • guest

    shouldn’t come as a surprise that this kid is so grounded.  he did, after all, attend Duke with coach K.  the coach K tries to take character guys over the talent.  Grant Hill, Shane Battier, etc… they tend to be more humble and well spoken.  now Calipari at Kentucky, on the other hand, he takes talent wherever he can find it.  derek rose with his SAT scandal, damarcus cousins, etc…