Irving: Cavs Beat Themselves on Tuesday Night

Honestly, [the offensive fouls] didn’t stop our aggressiveness. Coach can live with the offensive fouls as long as they’re aggessive fouls. The refs made some good calls out there, they made some questionable ones, but it’s not a big deal. The loss tonight was about us. We kind of beat up ourselves tonight.

– Cavaliers rookie point guard Kyrie Irving following the teams’ 113-105 loss to the Utah Jazz. Irving finished with 20 points (7-of-14 shooting) and five assists, but was whistled for multiple player control fouls and missed the bulk of the fourth quarter due to foul trouble.

  • scott

    I enjoy that Irving seems polished in front of the media, but not so polished it comes off as fake.  He had some great plays last night.  Some of the calls though…they seemed like the officials were trying to teach a young team a lesson

  • Yeah, there will always be rookie hazing so I’m not surprised at some of the calls against the Cavs/Irving.

    I really like his intensity and yes, Scott, he is polished in front of the press.  With Le Traitor, it always felt too nice, too clean and too polished for my tastes as well.  With Irving I can at least suspend my disbelief after listening to him.

  • Shamrock

    Looks like Irving has the excuse lines covered this is what the second time on the road trip. Hey Kyrie welcome to the NBA, college is over!

  • baclap

    I’m all about Irving. This is a young guy with a level head and great skill that the Cavs can build around. I want to see a win every time they are out there but Irving gives me so much hope for the future the losses don’t sting nearly as bad as they used to.

  • eldaveablo

    I bought the NBA Leaguepass just because of Irving. I was sick of reading about him and trying to catch him in highlights. 

    So far, the $$ is totally worth it.