Indians Place Fausto Carmona on Restricted List

The Cleveland Indians have officially placed starting pitcher Fausto Carmona on the restricted list. Carmona, whose real name is reportedly Roberto Hernandez Heredia, was arrested one week ago on charges of false identity as he was attempting to renew his visa within the Dominican Republic.

Released on $13,000 bond, Carmona/Hernandez will have to endure the Dominican legal process prior to returning to the United States of America.  On the restricted list, the Indians would not be responsible for compensating Carmona for his recently signed $7 million club option.

In a likely attempt to fill the void left by last season’s Opening Day starting pitcher, the Indians recently traded for Kevin Slowey who will likely slot in the fourth or fifth spot in the team’s rotation.

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  • Anonymous

    Window is closing very quickly…

  • 5KMD

    Is that 7 million dollar option completely null and void or is it in escrow until the legal issues are figured out?

  • Anonymous

    Is he going to be out the whole season for sure?  I would think he falsified documents to obtain a work visa?  Is that jail time in the US?

    Why even go back there man? If you want to visit people, have them come visit you?

  • Anonymous

    But what did they do with Heredia?

  • Anonymous

    Hernandez apparently.  not sure on the nomenclature exactly, but it’s been corrected in a few places that he would be called Roberto Hernandez here in the States.