Hoynes: Indians Covet Carlos Pena, Need Ownership Approval

Per The Plain Dealer’s Paul Hoynes, the Cleveland Indians front office feels that veteran slugger Carlos Pena could be the answer to their gaping hole at first base.  The only issue, which has historically been a big one, is the ownership team’s willingness to provide the funds to acquire a non-basement-level free agent.

Hoynes states that Chris Antonetti and Company have not received word on if they will be provided the resources to get such a transaction done.  Otherwise, the team could be staring at the troika of Matt LaPorta, Michael Brantley and Shelley Duncan to help guide them into AL Central contention.  Also, don’t count out Jason Donald.

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(Source: Paul Hoynes’ Twitter)

  • AMC

    Interesting that this information was leaked out as Dolan will look horrible if it comes out that he nixed the Front Office’s efforts to acquire Pena over money. 

    Assuming the report is true, it’s an encouraging sign that the Indians are looking to improve, but I’m not sold on Pena as he’s ANOTHER lefty and a total windmill at times. 

  • Anonymous

     Good defender, plenty of pop. I too do not love all the Ks but this would be a huge upgrade for us and would make our lineup much more respectable.

  • Especially if Dolan saw Moneyball. The As didn’t start winning until they traded Pena in favor of a guy who never played 1B.

  • I’m not a big fan of this move.  I don’t really care much about Pena being a left handed bat (though his splits against LH pitching are alarming).  My big issue is that he is a human windmill.  This lineup already has issues with the K and adding Pena has the potential to make things worse.  He’s a definite upgrade over the winner of the Duncan/LaPorta contest this spring, but that’s not saying much.

  • MaliceNavy

    Houston must be unwilling to pick up any of Carlos Lee’s contract because him to Cleveland makes too much sense.  The Tribe has the pieces to get him with all the trades they’ve made the past 4 years.  If only it weren’t for that $19 million tag.

  • Anonymous

    so, you are saying that we need to sign Pena, start the season poorly with him at 1B, then trade him away leaving either Brantley or Donald at 1B?

    But, who is going to fray the nerve endings in one of their elbows?

  • You mean aside from Carlos Carrasco?

  • Anonymous

    haha.  ok, Tabasco can be our Hatteburg as long as he’s willing to take plenty of walks.

  • Conleynate

    I think think the Dildolans are great owners,who needs to spend money in sports to win anyways.

  • Anonymous

    cmon.  no place for such name-calling here.  this isn’t the PD comment section.

  • Shamrock

    The Dolans need to pinch their pennies first but they’ll get back to you.