Chris Kaman is on the trading block, Cavs interested?

UPDATE: Mary Schmitt Boyer has posted an article regarding the Cavaliers’ interest in Kaman. Check that out here. Also, Terry Pluto said on his Twitter account that he got a “no comment” from a higher up in the Cavalier organization, which Pluto believes means there is some genuine interest.

In recent days, New Orleans GM Dell Demps made it public that the team is actively trying to trade center Chris Kaman. There have been several teams reportedly interested, but you had not heard the Cavaliers mentioned as a potential suitor. Then, this morning, the @PDcavsinsider Twitter handle, presumably Mary Schmitt Boyer, tweeted this.

Kaman, now 30 years old, has career averages of 11.7 points and 8.3 rebounds per game. Now in his eighth NBA season, Kaman, the sixth pick of the 2003 NBA Draft, was on the Cavaliers’ radar a couple of years ago, but injury issues made the wine and gold hesitant to acquire him. While this tweet only implies possible interest, it would be a surprise to see the Cavaliers target Kaman, despite his status as a true traditional center. Anderson Varejao takes up most of those center minutes at the moment, and with Andy having one of his best seasons statistically (not to mention being younger than Kaman), the rebuilding Cavaliers should look elsewhere for a center, perhaps in June with big boards, suits, and funny looking draft hats.

  •  no thanks.

  • R R

    Great way to get ourselves the 8th seed, a thrashing by the Bulls or Heat, and zero ping pong balls.

    Let’s get him!

  • Anonymous

    will they take Jamison straight up for him? 

    seriously though, Kaman is in the last year of his deal.   I would think the trade that makes the most sense for both teams is AV for Kaman + NO 1st round protected pick (likely not get it for a couple of years).

    NO gets a center that is signed beyond this year, Cavs get financial relief + a future 1st rounder. 

    I do NOT think I would do that deal though.   Just seems like we should be able to get more for AV or keep him ourselves.

  • BrownsfanSF

    I find myself agreeing with you a lot on these boards.  Andy is one of the best pick and roll defenders and rebounders in the league and can be a big piece for a lot of teams (us included).  I am looking for Rudy Gay, Evan Turner and maybe a protected first level deals out of him.  Not a 30 year center or some cap relief.

    What are we gonna do with cap relief anyway?  Sign big name free agents?  We need picks and young pieces

  • Gentry Shane

    Stupid rumor. Cavs organization is going with the Oklahoma City plan. Just keep adding talented first rounders. Next year is the “coming out” year. I say we trade AV & Jamison for more young talent and draft picks.

  • Bretbaker2415

    What if we get a trade like we did for Mo Williams last year.

  • Bretbaker2415

    Ramon Sessions for Kaman and protected first rounder. There’s a lottery pick plus a possible playoff spot.