Box Score: Chicago Bulls 114, Cleveland Cavaliers 75

Oof. Cleveland fans, this was not a good showing by the Cavaliers. Kyrie Irving got the Cavs started early with 11 quick points. It was all downhill from there as the Cavaliers shot 30% while allowing the Bulls to have their way in the paint. Chicago finished shooting 55.4%.

Oh, and Derrick Rose didn’t play.


K. IrvingG22:295-113-40-0-92232001113
A. ParkerG18:292-60-10-0-2003110004
A. VarejaoC26:555-90-04-4-104704121114
A. JamisonF30:421-100-22-3-14182112034
O. CasspiF19:364-91-10-0-8230001219
Percentages.303.500.737Team Rebounds: 5
R. Sessions27:273-120-11-2-35023210137
D. Gibson26:452-102-30-0-31131021236
A. Gee24:462-61-22-2-28471210347
T. Thompson17:182-100-00-2-25450100404
S. Samuels9:081-40-02-2-11000000104
L. Harangody6:390-10-02-2-8000000102
S. Erden5:180-10-00-0-10000100010
R. Hollins4:280-00-01-2-4010000001
C. EyengaDNP – Inactive
M. ThompsonDNP – Inactive


C.J. WatsonG30:504-82-35-6+230373200215
R. HamiltonG25:386-100-01-1+151334001213
J. NoahC31:464-70-00-0+194100112218
L. DengF33:118-131-24-4+292824220321
C. BoozerF31:219-150-01-1+2441443223219
Percentages.554.667.941Team Rebounds: 8
R. Brewer20:502-70-00-0+27015001014
K. Korver15:095-82-32-2+131120000114
O. Asik14:012-30-00-0+16071203054
J. Lucas9:023-51-12-2+7011000029
B. Scalabrine8:262-30-00-0+5131111014
M. James8:081-30-01-1+9021111013
T. Gibson6:540-10-00-0+6000002010
J. Butler4:440-00-00-0+2010102010
D. RoseDNP – Inactive



  • Jaker

    That game was a perfect example of why the Cavs need to rebuild rather than fight for the 7-8 seed. Losing by 39 while the opponent rests their best player (and really they aren’t that impressive without him, other than last night) is a joke.

    We need to trade Jamison, Sessions, Parker and Hollins before they lose their value. Even Varejao, but that needs to be handled carefully.

    Point is, they should not be thinking playoffs, they should be thinking how to get Michael Kidd Gilchrist in the draft and a young SG with potential to run along with Irving and Thompson. That’s the only thing they should be trying to do right now.

  • JM

    Trade Varejao? Seriously? He’s one of the only players that still should be there once the team rebuilds. You can’t replace a player with that much energy.

  • Anonymous

    Or you could argue he’s the one player with the most trade value for us and therefore the best piece to utilize in acquiring an additional first round pick.

    While I agree Andy has good energy and many intangibles he is not a legit starting center which is what this team desperately needs along with wing players who are able to create.

    The more curious player to me mentioned above to trade is Hollins….not sure you’d get anything more than a warmup jacket for him.

  • JM

    Good points. I’m open to a deal if we can get something good in return for him. As for Hollins, how about a jersey and a bag of ball? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t take anything less than a first round pick for him.

    Even if it’s a late first round there’s a chance to package that and cash
    to jump up or nab a solid wing.

    As for the Hollins deal….I’ll take it!