Box Score: Celtics 93, Cavaliers 90

Bummer. The Cavaliers were down 18 points heading into the 4th quarter, and then went on a crazy run to close within 2 points. In the end, though, they just didn’t quite have enough to overcome the hole they dug. On one hand, the Cavs showed a lot of pride in not giving up and a ton of heart in coming back. On the other hand, it was disappointing seeing them let themselves fall so far back in the first place. The Cavaliers will have to learn to put together 4th quarter effort in the first 3 quarters before they start consistently beating good teams and winning these kind of games.

The real story of the game, though, was Anderson Varejao. When the rest of the team was doing nothing, it was Varejao who put the team on his back and just carried them to keep them from falling behind by 30+ points. Andy finished the game with 20 points and 20 rebounds for an amazing 20-20 game, the team’s first since Carlos Boozer.


R. Allen(notes)G38:064-102-52-2+90284200312
A. Bradley(notes)G37:054-70-00-0+5221100138
J. O’Neal(notes)C23:155-70-02-2+41321120112
P. Pierce(notes)F33:587-140-26-9+20461300120
K. Garnett(notes)F31:495-120-03-4+71440100313
Percentages.507.357.737Team Rebounds: 12
B. Bass(notes)28:586-90-01-2-41622100313
M. Pietrus(notes)18:132-72-60-0+1051110216
C. Wilcox(notes)11:220-20-00-0+5111200020
E. Moore(notes)10:582-31-10-0+1000200015
S. Pavlovic(notes)6:022-20-00-00110000024
M. Daniels(notes)DNP – Coach’s Decision
J. Johnson(notes)DNP – Coach’s Decision
G. Stiemsma(notes)DNP – Coach’s Decision


K. Irving(notes)G37:256-150-16-600162000118
M. Thompson(notes)G30:523-92-40-0-13014311028
A. Varejao(notes)C41:1010-170-10-0-4102024011220
A. Jamison(notes)F35:145-111-51-2-40231111312
O. Casspi(notes)F18:492-52-20-2-14231110036
Percentages.446.375.714Team Rebounds: 9
A. Gee(notes)29:153-61-34-5+80310400311
R. Sessions(notes)27:373-50-00-2+1159300016
S. Samuels(notes)14:171-50-04-4+1030200036
T. Thompson(notes)5:060-10-00-0-5010000000
S. Erden(notes)DNP – Coach’s Decision
C. Eyenga(notes)DNP – Coach’s Decision
R. Hollins(notes)DNP – Coach’s Decision

  • Roosevelt

    Team continues to develop and continues to not ruin our draft position… I love it when a plan comes together. (And I will defend to the death my hopes for a losing season.)

  • LittleWahoo

    Varejao playing like he wants someone to want him.  Dare I say if he continues we could get top 15-20 pick in return?  He has been on a demonstrative tear.  He and Irving will keep us from picking super high this year w/out ping pong magic..

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    who cares?  Developing a winning mentality is just as, if not more important than top draft picks.  I hate this “tank it all” attitude.  Not every rebuilding team has to be the OKC Thunder

  • Mr. Flibble

    20 rebounds, 10 on the offensive glass. That is absurd.

  • Roosevelt

    Right, they can also attract three superstars at the same time, like the Celtics, Lakers, and Heat. Which of the two plans do you think is most likely? Also, remember that the Bulls did it the OKC way too. (They can also try doing it the Spurs way – getting one huge pick and stealing foreign players late in the draft. Add that to the option list if you want.)