Box Score: Cavaliers 85, Heat 92

The Cavaliers got a nice off their bench as Samardo Samuels (15), Ramon Sessions (10), Daniel Gibson (8), and Alonzo Gee (7) combined for 40 points, but Chris Bosh was just too much in the 4th quarter stretch for the Cavaliers to handle as they fell on the road to the Heat. The Cavaliers still deserve a lot of credit for coming out and playing great defense and giving good effort in hanging in there with the Heat. A late Kyrie Irving 3 closed the gap to three, but Bosh and Chalmers made their  free throws to allow the Heat to close out with the win.



A. ParkerG27:301-61-40-0+3031310023
K. IrvingG25:587-111-32-2-41443000317
A. VarejaoC30:595-90-01-2-741113011411
A. JamisonF30:572-61-10-0-13124140025
O. CasspiF18:013-50-10-2-8000410016
Percentages.500.375.647Team Rebounds: 10
A. Gee28:023-71-20-10022230247
D. Gibson22:272-62-42-2-9013100028
S. Samuels22:047-100-01-2+101522111315
R. Sessions22:023-70-14-4-30531001210
R. Hollins12:001-10-01-2-4000002043
S. ErdenDNP – Coach’s Decision
C. EyengaDNP – Coach’s Decision
L. HarangodyDNP – Coach’s Decision


M. ChalmersG24:382-41-34-4+1013310029
S. BattierG20:071-61-50-00000341013
J. AnthonyC20:111-20-00-0+1000001012
C. BoshF39:1110-161-114-14+51722011235
L. JamesF37:488-211-41-4+91555201118
Percentages.457.278.885Team Rebounds: 9
N. Cole28:255-80-10-0+80312000210
U. Haslem25:131-40-02-2+22101212034
M. Miller20:102-60-20-00223010214
J. Jones15:572-31-22-2+2001000017
D. Pittman8:200-00-00-0+7010010010
E. CurryDNP – Coach’s Decision
T. HarrisDNP – Coach’s Decision
J. HowardDNP – Coach’s Decision

  • matthew

    why limit irving to 26 minutes tonight?  any other night i’m fine with playing tough and losing.  this is one of the only games this year i really want to win — yet our best player is sitting on the bench half the night.  thanks, byron.

  • Byron has said that until Kyrie shows more dedication to defense, his minutes will continue to be limited. But I agree, I wish Byron would play him more, especially in games like last night that were very much win-able. I would have loved to have seen Kyrie come back on the floor 2 minutes into the 4th quarter rather than with 4-5 minutes left in the game. These are the growing pains of rookies, though. Patience.

  • Dave

    I’m going to sound all Pollyanna right now but:
    1. Norris Cole looks like he had a pretty good night. Good for him, even if he took his talents to South Beach.
    2. We were competitive, so we won’t get totally demoralized.
    3. We lost, so we won’t hurt our draft position.

  • BrownsFanSF

    I actually kinda like what Byron is doing here.  The guy holds everyone accountable on both ends of the floor, even his best players.  It may hurt us now, but Kyrie will be a better player for it and Byron knows it.

    The thing that bothers me a little is that there isn’t a lot Kyrie can fix this year.  Things like lower body strength, conditioning and lateral foot speed are offseason fixes, so the rook may be limited most of the year.

  • BrownsFanSF

    Too bad about the ankle, I would have loved to see Thompson out there last night against a weak inside/rebounding team (especially off the bench).  Plus it would be nice to see him get some reps against polished offensive players like Bosh

  • matthew

    in general i agree that i like what byron is doing.  i just really wanted to beat miami and wish he could have made an exception for one night.