Box Score: Cavaliers 102, Bobcats 94

Kyrie Irving scored 25 points on 9-16 shooting, and handed out 7 assists leading the Cavaliers to a win against Charlotte Monday afternoon. The Cavaliers (6-6) wrap up their longest road trip of the season 3-4, which is 1 win more than they had on the road all last season. Jamison finished with 20 points, Omri Casspi added 14 points and Andy Varejao had 14 points and 12 rebounds.


K. IrvingG34:569-161-16-8+82473110225
A. ParkerG9:200-10-00-0+7001000000
A. VarejaoC32:497-140-00-0+731211113214
A. JamisonF34:219-162-60-1+101752210120
O. CasspiF25:224-80-26-7+141720100314
Percentages.488.267.690Team Rebounds: 12
A. Gee26:463-41-23-4-120213100210
D. Gibson25:430-50-42-2+3000300032
R. Sessions21:531-40-02-2+4139200134
T. Thompson19:154-80-00-3+4020101338
S. Erden9:352-40-01-2-5160101145


D.J. AugustinG40:189-172-74-5-101482200224
K. WalkerG37:356-211-41-2-210542421214
B. MullensC36:153-111-32-4-33121210249
G. HendersonF34:576-110-05-9-60312102317
T. ThomasF16:170-30-01-2-3111013031
Percentages.442.235.538Team Rebounds: 16
D. White31:437-90-01-2-52520000315
D. Brown19:344-40-00-2+10351012038
B. Diaw11:452-40-10-0-5242210014
C. Higgins11:361-60-20-0+3000001022

  • Andrew

    One more than last year… It’s amazing just how bad we were last year.

  • Blue Lightning

    I’m very happy to be seeing Omri come out and reach his potential as a long-term fixture on this team.

  • Koala


  • Steve

    They went 7-34 on the road last year. And I hate to say this, but unless both Irving and Thompson take huge leaps, I’m not sure this is good for the Cavs. All but an absolute-best-case-scenario for those two likely leaves them short of enough star power to actually win a championship, and they’re playing themselves out of another top 5 pick, which they desperately need.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Do they really need a top 5 pick?  A lot of people keep saying this, but Im curious where the line is for this mentality.  Is it at pick 6?  Pick 11?  Why is it so absurd to think that the Cavs could get a good player at 15-20?  Considering how we’re winning (with a deep bench,tempo, and team basketball), I dont think we necessarily need a top 5 pick.  Winning games actually opens up a lot of opportunities to free agents as well…something that picking in the top 5 rarely does.  Lets see if Grant is actually good at his job before we change the draft into our NBA championship like the Browns have already done for the draft as their super bowl…

  • If I hear this BS one more time…

    First of all, how pathetic have we become as fans when we lament a team showing progress and moving forward? I never remember Cavs fans being like this before the LBJ era. Never remember anyone asking for the Mark Price Cavs to tank games to get a high pick. Never remember anyone in 2006 saying the team made the playoffs too fast. 

    Here are some questions:
    What championship contenders have been built by having 3 top 5 picks in the span of 2 years?

    How can the top teams continue to reload even though they have low draft picks?

    What makes you think the Cavs were ANYWHERE near as bad as their record was last year?

    Why would instilling a culture of WINNING and EFFORT be a bad thing when it comes to your Rookie PG of the future?

    How much of Gilberts money goes out, if theres no ticket sales coming in? I guarantee a 11-55 season would cut into those ticket sales rather quickly.

    I assume the Browns are a dynasty by now, what with all their high draft picks?

    Snap out of it Cleveland. Enjoy the development of these young guys. LOVE the wins. If they get an 8th seed, pack the freaking Q and scream your hearts out until they get swept.  SUPPORT. THATS what its about. I’d love a title as much as the next man, but theres no shortcuts and theres no magic formula. We seem to have forgotten that somehow.

  • Roosevelt

    It is precisely the experience of not having had any success for all the years since Mark Price that have led to the current attitude.

    There may not be a team that specifically had two top five picks, etc. But OKC did pretty well that way, SA did well finding talent later in the draft (and tanking when they already had a superstar, years before that). Chicago got most of their current talent through high draft picks. The other good teams lately have been big market teams that managed to pull off heists. 

    This is not rocket science – you know the facts as well as I do. It’s a simple question – Where are the Cavs going to get good players from if not high draft picks? 

  • Tyler from Athens

    well if we pick around say 14 or 15…austin rivers is currently slated to be available there….i wouldn’t mind him for our future SG

  • steve-o

    Our draft might not be affected by how much the Cavs win. It’s early, but right now we are seventh in playoff seeding. The Heat are sixth and playing poorly. Wade turns 30 and seems to be breaking down. We can swap first round picks with the Heat this year as part of the LeBron deal. Wouldn’t it be sweet justice if somehow they miss the playoffs and we get in and are still able to get their late lotto pick? I know it seems unlikely but stranger things have happened.