Acta Jokes With Crowd in Strongsville- “That’s Why We Didn’t Sign Fielder…”

“That’s why we didn’t sign Fielder, because you guys say we have too many left-handers.”

-Indians Manager Manny Acta, joking when asked about the Tribe’s lefty heavy line-up. The Manager was speaking at the Tribe’s Winter Press Tour stop in Strongsville.

Gee, good one Manny.

(Hat tip @MLBastian)

  • Add Manny to the list of people who don’t get it. Most people didn’t want the Indians to sign Fielder.  Well, most people didn’t EXPECT the Indians to sign Fielder.  We did expect a name slightly more marquee than Grady Sizemore and Julio Lugo.  Silly us for being so unrealistic though.

  • Wow

    Oh great now the radio shows will beat this into the ground like they do everything else lately.

  • Jack

    @Craig – probably unfair to say Manny doesn’t get it, no?

  • Harv 21

    pull in your woe-is-me antennas and move along, people.  Nothing happened here. Go on …

  • Ghost

    Manny Acta doesnt get it, but Randy Lerner and Mike Holmgren do?

  • Anonymous

    I say Acta didn’t go far enough.  I think he should have said that we not only have too many left-handers but he didn’t want any players with a bigger waistline than he has.  Maybe a follow-up joke on how many trips to the Golden Corral you can afford with that salary. 

    I think he knows the score on the financial limitations.  Good that he can have some fun with it and hopefully he can use it as motivation for the team this year. 

  • Steve

    Add Craig to the list of people who don’t get it. This team can’t even overpay a free agent to come to Cleveland.

  • It was reported later that night that Manny Acta sneezed. I’m sure it will end up costing us the divison.

  • Anonymous

    Relax people. Just a joke. I guarantee you he is as annoyed as us that we haven’t signed anyone of note.

  • Anonymous


  • BuckeyeDawg

    Surely people aren’t interpreting this as a serious statement on Manny’s part.  Are they? 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, rest assured, people are taking this seriously.  It’s Cleveland, after all, where all sense of humor apparently left when Drew Carey moved to LA, Modell moved to Baltimore, and LeBron moved to Miami.   

  • Anonymous

    Add Steve to the list of people who don’t get it.  Mike Ilitch is the only owner in MLB who would have paid that absurd money to fatty for 9 years.

  • Anonymous

    Add Steve to the list of people who don’t get it.  Mike Ilitch is the only owner in MLB who would have paid that absurd money to fatty for 9 years.

  • Slooz

    Hot in Cleveland hasn’t brought it back?
    Anyway, well-said. I don’t get the “Manny doesn’t get it” remarks. It’s a pretty  hilarious joke at the media’s expensive for the “big, right-handed bat” narrative that the Tribe never really verified except to say that yes, they’re looking to upgrade wherever possible and yes, big bats from either side are nice to have. Acta’s just ribbing the press/blogosphere a bit. Props to him for his sense of humor.

  • kjn

    So Acta makes a stupid joke and that means he doesn’t get it? Wow.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me who we were supposed to sign? Beltran? Pena? Beltran didn’t want to be in Cleveland the first time. The second reportedly received a better offer from the Indians but opted to be closer to family by going to Florida. Fielder? Pujols? Cuddyer? Or one of the vastly overpaid 2 WAR guys that were on the market?

    If anyone refuses to get it, it’s you (and the vast majority of Indian fans).

    This is the way it has to be. We cannot afford even 2nd/3rd tier FAs because they are generally vastly overpaid. I wish people would understand this, accept it, and realize that reality of our situation.

  • Steve

    No, I do know that. What Joe Cleveland Fan doesn’t seem to get though is that free agents generally don’t have an interest in coming to Cleveland unless the pot is immensely sweetened. Sitting here, gnashing our teeth over it is fruitless and dumb. Unless it’s a guy desperate to stay in town, the Indians are going to have to overpay FAs so much that its no longer beneficial to the  team to sign them. Dump any and all money for FA into resigning guys like Masterson and Cabrera and developing the youth.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, then I misunderstood you, but I think you also misunderstood Craig.  As one of the writers on this site, he knows that free agents don’t want to come to Cleveland, as do most all of us who read WFNY.  He’s not talking about the Indians going out and making a big splash in free agency… I think he’s talking more along the lines of a Carlos Pena over, say, a Julio Lugo and an injury-riddled Sizemore.  This team can win now, but there’s a massive hole at 1B that Matt LaPorta isn’t interested in filling.

  • kjn

    Even guys like Pena don’t want to be here. Have to find where I read it (Jon Heyman tweet, maybe?), but the rumor was that the Indians offered MORE than TB and he still decided not to come here.

  • Anonymous

    yep, it was Heyman.  apparently Pena likes sparse crowds in TB more than sparse crowds in Cleveland

  • Anonymous

    and Cowher moved to Strongsville, right?

  • kjn

    Thx. I think somebody here pointed that out to me. Probably you.

  • Anonymous

    no worries.  can’t take credit for it though, it was in TD’s post on Pena:

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