While We’re Waiting… Tribe MVP Snubs, Browns’ QB Decision and Sessions Leads Bench Bunch

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A good read about MVP voting and year by year snubs- “The Cleveland Indians from 1994 to 2002 had some of the most amazing offensive lineups in baseball history. They reached two World Series. They led the league in runs scored three times and finished second another three. They had players lead the league in runs (Albert Belle, Robbie Alomar), hits (Kenny Lofton), doubles (Belle), triples (Kenny Lofton), homers (Belle), RBIs (MannyBManny, Albert Belle), OPS (MannyBManny, Thome), stolen bases (Lofton), slugging percentage (Belle, MannyBManny, Thome) and walks (Thome). They did not have a single player win the MVP award.

I don’t like RBIs as a defining statistics, but we know the MVP voters do. In 1999, Manny Ramirez drove in ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE. That was the most in baseball since Jimmie Foxx. Jimmie Bleepin’ Foxx. He finished tied for THIRD in the MVP balloting. Whew. What does an enigma have to do around here to get some respect?” [Posnanski/]

Talking Browns and a new QB, but not through the draft- “I would hope the Browns next course of action would be to trade a low draft pick for a developmental quarterback, or to sign one in free agency. First of all, this is exactly what Mike Holmgren’s history would suggest. The Green Bay Packers traded for Brett Favre in 1991, and Holmgren’s Seattle Seahawks traded for Matt Hasselbeck in 2001 – both advanced to the Super Bowl under Holmgren.

Second, this should be a win-win for fans because the Browns would still get to spend all their high draft picks on playmakers. One of the names that’s been floating around is Matt Flynn, backup quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. I don’t hate it. He’d be cheap, has experience in a system similar to the Browns’, but the idea that he will be good just because Aaron Rodgers is good is too preposterous to swallow.” [Weinland/Dawg Pound Daily]

Corners had a good game against Baltimore- “Earlier this season I heard a commentator say that Joe Haden (+3.0) wasn’t a shut down corner yet. That’s maybe so, but on Sunday against the Ravens it would be hard to expect any more from both Haden and Sheldon Brown (+2.5). Combined, Flacco went after both just seven times – and that was seven times too many with no receptions, three passes defensed and an interception to show for it. The interception was a touchdown saving pick in the end zone, on a pass from Flacco to Lee Evans (-0.9) on 3rd-and-7 with 14:14 left in the game. That touchdown would have put the game out of reach and while they couldn’t complete the comeback, Brown and Haden can hold their heads high after a fine performance.” [Pro Football Focus]

Really good graphic for recognizing pitchers’ value using strikeout/walk differential and HR/balls in play- [Getting Blanked]

“More than just Ramon Sessions’ newly found three point game though, he also appears to be developing into a very solid floor general. In addition to making Tristan Thompson better, he also essentially lead the Cavaliers second unit to securing the win on Wednesday night too. Sessions finished with 6 assists and 7 rebounds to go along with his 16 points, and he helped the Cavaliers bench score 56 points. The Pistons bench scored 25. If Brandon Knight didn’t come off the bench to get 23 they would’ve only had two.” [Bowers/Stepien Rules]

  • Harv 21

    Posnanski stuff interesting, but not at all concerned that in the steroid era tribe hitters were snubbed in the MVP voting. Almost like comparing the players’ pharmacists and drug regimens rather than their on-field performance.

  • Chris

    We have a developmental QB already.

    Who knows if this will happen, but here’s what I’d do if I were in charge of the draft:

    Stand pat at the 3 or 4 position in the draft, if RGIII is available and you think he’s franchise QB stuff, you pick him. If he’s there but you think he’s not, you trade back and get an extra pick or two.

    If he’s not there, you take the best available talent, be it O-line or WR, and you keep McCoy for the rest of the year, maybe get another later round QB.

  • Mark

    I don’t have a problem with the Browns signing Flynn but it always feels as if we are trying to fill the most important position with guys we hope will do the job, rather than guys we know will do the job. I know so many 1st Rd QBs flame out too but success rates on 3rd rounders and other teams back up can’t be very good either. Can we just get a damn QB already!?

    I’ve said it forever, draft one every year until you’ve got one that works out. Seriously, every year.

  • Jefferson Wolfe

    Albert Belle should have been the MVP in 1995, and Jose Mesa should have won the Cy Young. Look at the stats!

  • Shamrock

    @Chris you don’t trade back there are three guys: Luck, Blackmon and Claiborne that I’d take right off the bat the problem becomes fourth and later. Griffin is an amazing athlete but I sure hope the Browns don’t fall into the “search for the next Cam Newton” because he is a rarity IMO. Griffin reminds me more of Vick then Newton. How has Vick’s career panned out? Frankly Cleveland doesn’t need more QB drama. I’m all for a secondary route to secure another QB while drafting PLAYMAKERS in the draft.

  • I still can’t believe Mo Vaughn won the MVP over Belle that year.

  • Wheel

    Chris, I like your thinking but agree with Shamrock about Blackmon. He is this year’s Green or J.Jones. He’s exactly what we need at WR. Watched Griffin last night and was not that impressed. He reminds me of Cam Newton without the physical gifts. Rumor has it that the Browns will trade both #1s to move up in the draft to get him. I hope this is not true.

  • ben

    Amid all of this QB talk, I think it has been forgotten that it seems just as likely as not that the Browns will continue to work w/ McCoy.

    Honestly, it seems like everyone BUT the Cleveland media thinks there might be something to this kid.

  • Matt

    I stopped considering RG3 as soon as Lou Holtz said he would draft him at #1.

    The Browns trading both 1st round picks to get RG3 would effectively be organizational suicide.

  • ben

    I would, however, draft lou Holtz #1 in my heart!

  • 5KMD

    “Griffin reminds me more of Vick then Newton. How has Vick’s career panned out?”

    Point taken, but we really don’t know how Cam’s career is going to pan out. Vick looked pretty darn good after his first couple of years.

  • kdev

    All of this talk about “playmakers” slays me. Are we really going to build an offense around a WR from OK St? We need a QB, and Colt is clearly nothing more than a backup with limited upside at this point. (Which is probably why we were able to get him in the 3rd round) You could add a tall, explosive WR to the mix, but said WR would need a QB with the ability to get him the ball. Colt’s repertoire is basically the 10-yard out and the quick slant. You can trot out Megatron, Mike Wallace and Wes Welker, with Gronkowski at TE, but if we don’t have a QB who can make all the throws, it doesn’t matter.

    Get a QB, please. Look at the prospective playoff field this year in the NFL…clearly it is a prerequisite to being successful.

  • kdev

    Oh and my preferred QB? Since Luck would cost the farm, RGIII ALL DAY LONG. Maybe not quite as athletic as Newton, but already more advanced as a passer.

  • ben

    You’re clearly right kdev. RGIII is clearly going to be an elite NFL QB. And it is clearly clear that McCoy is clearly a backup QB.

  • kdev

    And you clearly have nothing productive to add to the conversation…also, it is worth pointing out that the Browns may not have to give up ANYTHING to get RGIII. Jax, St. Louis, Tampa and Minnesota already have their QB’s of the future. He may be sitting there when we pick. The combine could change all of this, of course, but when I advocate drafting him, it is within the scenario of him being available when we pick. If we trade up, it should only be for Luck.

  • Chi-Ohioan

    RG3 all day…he’s a playmaker who makes others better (including a bad offensive line). What wr can do the same? There are bigtime wr’s all over the league that don’t lift the level of play of anyone else (Brandon Marshall, Fitzgerald) Steve smith was nothing without a playmaking qb. Draft RG3 and build an offense around him.

  • kdev


  • Matt

    #15, to the idea that we “don’t give up anything” to get RG3: we give up any other player taken in that spot; players such as Blackmon, Kalil, etc. Then we’re left in the same spot if RG3 can’t produce. Is it lack of RT, lack of WR, lack of ______? Get supporting pieces. RG3 isn’t a once in a lifetime QB, so don’t treat him as such.

    (P.S. Also, we Browns fans should probably start readying ourselves for some draft day trading-down. Get your torches and pitchforks ready.)

  • Shamrock

    I’m just not sold on Griffin but I’m not surprised by the people who all of a sudden live the kid. There have been entirely to many guys who came out of nowhere to win the Heisman who failed in the NFL. I just don’t see him being worth the risk certainly not two first round draft picks. As far as Blackmon goes at WR he won’t turn the Browns around but the kid would instantly become one of the Browbs best WRs since they returned. That being said he fits St. Louis perfect so he may not even be around. I wanna see free agency and what is done first anyways.