While We’re Waiting… Cavs Preview, Sick D-Line and Browns Draft Position Prospects

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Ball Don’t Lie’s season preview for the Cavs is up- “For a team that was massively worked over by a pair of narcissists — former franchise player LeBron James and current owner Dan Gilbert — the Cleveland Cavaliers appear to be in fantastic shape moving forward. Not this year, of course. They’ll be terrible. The future is bright, though; provided the team does well with all its incoming assets moving forward. You’ve seen me work up this dance before, but it bears repeating that the team was too late in its attempt to rebuild. The Cavs should not have attempted to shoot for a mediocre record last season by hanging on to all their veterans and appearing as if they thought a LeBron James-less squad would have a chance at making the playoffs. Antawn Jamison actually had trade value a year and a half ago, Anderson Varejao will be of no use to a rebuilt team once the Cavs find their playoff footing again, and the crew could have been sick with draft picks moving forward had they just accepted their NBA fate in the wake of LeBron James’ prick move.

Instead, they dallied. And, while they dallied, they got incredibly lucky. Lord knows they deserved it.” [Ball Don’t Lie]

Urban Meyer: Defensive Line Builder. “According to Bob Lichtenfels, the east coast recruiting “go-to-guy” for, Noah Spence, the nation’s top-rated defensive end has committed to Ohio State. Spence is a 6’3, 240 pound DE from Harrisburg who was thought to be a big-time Penn State lean, but the situation in Happy Valley and the hiring of Urban Meyer changed the landscape quickly. He was visited in PA on Friday by Meyer, Luke Fickell and Mike Vrabel before his official visit in Columbus this weekend, and his commitment is made official today.” [11 Warriors]

Great question- “The Indians have several players currently participating in winter ball this offseason in places all around the globe in Australia, Panama, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. While some Latin stars play a few weeks for their home country, most of the players participating in winter ball are those in the minor leagues on the cusp of the big leagues, those in the big leagues with a year or two experience that have struggled and need to figure some things out, and those who have had injuries and need to make up at bats or innings pitched.

So why in the world is Indians’ first baseman Matt LaPorta not playing winter ball this off-season? The Indians have a big question mark at first base at the moment, and with how inconsistent LaPorta has been in his three years in the big leagues he would probably be best served to go play winter ball and just play some games to work on things and maybe build some confidence going into spring training” [Tony/Indians Prospect Insider]

New helmet concepts for the AFC. Cue Browns’ fan outrage in 3,2,1… [Uniwatch]

Commenter Jim Kanicki has a great breakdown of the Browns draft pick scenarios. [Kanicki]

  • JNeids

    I LOVE the bulldog and brownie logos, all for those helmets.

  • Mike

    Justin Blackmon here we come! Although, it says Griffin, I really think Holmgreen takes Barkley from USC. I would like to see us move down again if Blackmon is not available and take Michael Floyd from Notre Dame. We need a first round wide receiver, but I think its going to be more of a QB, OL first round here in Cleveland. Blah

  • Christian

    Those helmets are not even remotely interesting. They look like soneone was playing around in the Madden create-a-team.

  • mgbode

    Hmm, they start off with this line: “Browns (I really hate blank helmets)” well, then kind sir, you do not know what you are doing and need to leave our uniforms alone. those are some of the ugliest choices we could have if we did eventually add something to 🙂

    the one thing I would not mind is if we put the player numbers in small font at the front of the helmet (a digit on either side of the stripes for double-digit numbers)

  • Jack

    please let us draft a QB

  • mgbode

    on Dwyer – he is harping on Baron’s time with Scott in NO, but I did not hear any of the things he mentioned in his time here. So, what is the point of that?

    also, I am certainly surprised that all of the draftnik guys were so down on Tristan, but all of the NBA-preview guys seems to be pretty high on him (particularly paired with Kyrie). I’ve watched alot of Tristan when he was a Horn and I am a bit in between. He’s certainly the anti-Hickson (all hustle but doesn’t have the finesse moves that Hickson could show when he wanted).

  • Saw those helmets on UniWatch this morning. Hated them all. The dopey bulldog really needs to go away from everything tied to the team.

    The Browns do need to bring back the elf, just not on the helmets

  • stin4u

    Those helmets are awful. I think if they ever change the helmets it should just be to put player numbers on them like they did in 2007 I believe. I did like that look.

  • humboldt

    @Titus – completely agree. The bulldog is an unfortunate corporate creation of the new Browns era and, to me, embodies the ersatz Dawg Pound. I look at it and just think of MBNA.

    The Elf should play a more prominent role in the team aesthetics. It is quite a compelling design and also connects us back to the championship years. How about a small elf sticker on the back of the helmet, where the number stickers are often located? Maybe the NFL has some provision against that sort of thing…but hey, we care not for NFL protocols in Cleveland anyway.

    @Jim Kanicki – keep up the good work. Always appreciate your thoughtful analyses

  • christopher

    2012 recruiting class goes from unranked on memorial day to #5 with the Spence commitment.

  • jimkanicki

    thanks humbolt! and thanks for the link rick.

    i did something like this last year on an excel just for personal sanity. it’s nice to be able to share it so easily on google docs.

    it was borne out of not being able to find anything else like it on the web. the draft slottings i could find only did SOS through the games played which i found not very useful. i also find the these last three weeks are exactly when something like this is useful. ie, who should i be rooting for this weekend.*

    [that being said]
    it is a one man show and mistakes are made. i just noticed that i had given oakland a win last nite (drunj). fixed and updated now. if any of you all happen to catch a mistake, please tweet me and i’ll straighten it out.

    *you want to root for greenbay and new orleans to continue to win. there are scenarios where their losing reduces tampa’s SOS to the point where tampa jumps the browns. and OBVIOUSLY we want atlanta to miss the playoffs… that could mean as much as 10 slots depending on how far atlanta gets in the playoffs.

  • Mike in Seattle

    I have to agree with those who don’t like the bulldog. I can’t STAND that darn thing. My (ex) boss a few years ago when he was making a company binder for me used the bulldog logo as the cover sheet on the face of the binder because he knows i am a browns fan. he’s an ignorant broncos fan. (we no longer speak). I took the bulldog sheet out, crumpled it up and told him to get me an orange piece of paper.

    I kinda liked the brownie helmet, perhaps as a once a year alternate? the paul brown one cracked me up.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    The white helmet with the elf on it was the only one that even intrigued me a little bit. The rest of them are God-awful.

    I also agree that the elf needs to make a comeback, the stupid dog has to go, and the only helmet variation I really like is the numbers on the side. I don’t like the idea of the numbers on the front of the helmet on each side of the stripe. Reminds me too much of the Squealers.