NBA Free Agency Rumors: Cavs Looking to Anthony Parker

With the National Basketball League set to tip off in 24 days, free agency rumors are abound.  With the Cavaliers looking to build through the draft while developing and coaching up younger talent, one of the men who could be tasked with a mentor-based role in 2011-12 is veteran shooting gaurd Anthony Parker who the team is reportedly looking to lock up for at least another two seasons.

Parker, 36, has played the past two seasons in Cleveland after being acquired as one of the shooters to provide depth around LeBron James during the team’s run in 2009-10.  Supposed to play behind Delonte West at the time, Parker’s big break came when West was unable to play due to his much-discussed personal problems.  Since getting the starting role, Parker has been in the Cavaliers starting more often than not – he started all 81 games in 2009-10 and 65 games last season, falling victim to a plug-and-play rotation where starting roles were sporadically given to players like Manny Harris and Daniel Gibson.

Nevertheless, with Parker’s scoring average dropping (despite his shooting metrics maintaining since his days in Toronto), the veteran off-guard has become a bit of a whipping boy for Cavalier fans who grew tired of a season which provided the team with the largest number of losses they had seen since the season before landing the aforementioned James.

Parker, who would have to agree to the multi-year deal, was the team’s player representative during the recent NBA labor impasse.  When a  Twitter follower asked who I thought would be the team’s starting shooting guard roughly one week ago, I said “AP” without hesitation as it has long been a belief that the team would opt to bring back the copacetic vet for his locker room presence and willingness to be a mentor for the younger players.  The addition of Omri Casspi, who shares Maccabi Tel-Aviv ties with Parker, only served to further solidify this belief.

Following last season’s completion, Parker reiterated that he would like to be back in Cleveland though his future remained uncertain. As discussed earlier this week, the Cavaliers will have several options when it comes to how they choose to pay Parker.  As the ABJ noted late yesterday, the shooting guard gave up the lease on his Cleveland-based apartment, but this could have been merely precautionary as it was the belief of many that there would be no NBA season in 2011-12.

Other News and Notes:

– As expected, the trade interest in guard Ramon Sessions has heated up. The Knicks are one team linked to him, but given their complete lack of tradable assets after being pillaged by Denver in the Carmelo Anthony deal, it would be interesting to see what they could offer Chris Grant in return without getting a third team involved.

– Anderson Varejao, Manny Harris, Samardo Samuels and Daniel Gibson have each recently tweeted about their Cleveland-based workouts since the lockout has been lifted.  Samuels and Harris are playing on unguaranteed contracts this season so their willingness to put in extra gym could be rooted in the team adding a point guard and power forward in the most recent NBA Draft.

– The Cleveland Clinic Courts are expected to open today. Personally, I can’t wait to step foot inside of the facility as it continues to be the nicest gymnasium-based building I’ve ever seen.  Plus, that means I’m finally talking to the players and coaches again, and that’s good for everyone involved.

  • boomhauertjs

    Alas, I thought I had seen the last of Parker’s 20 ft. turnaround jumpers from the corner. And a 2-year deal? Would the Cavs be able to amnesty him after the first week of games?

  • ben

    Although I realize that he’s not a super duper player or anything, I like AP and think he’s a solid “glue guy.” Even bad teams need role players.

    So happy the NBA is back. I wish the seasons were always this short and intense.

  • Lyon

    @2… I agree you need role players, but this role player would end up starting and playing major minutes. That’s not something this team needs. The Cavs need to play the youngsters & evaluate talent.

    Like him as a bench guy/mentor, not as a starting SG who can’t score or defend anymore.

  • Harv 21

    A two-year contract for a 36 year old with way-diminished skills … hey Chris Grant, please deem me a “mentor.” For 20% of what Parker gets I’ll talk with Omri all day long about how the felafel tasted on Dizengoff Square back in ’05.

    Or maybe they feel if Bad Baron reappears they need a veteran counterbalance to his potentially toxic influence on Irving and Thompson and the other youngsters.

  • ben

    what yongsters though? Gee? Graham? I mean, we aren’t exactly loaded with talent at the position and it doesn’t look likely that it will get better w/o some sort of trade.

  • Shamrock

    Build through the draft huh well great wake me up after 2-3 more terrible seasons. This seems to be the way all Ckeveland sports teams go, no wonder they never win.

  • TSR3000

    I have particular beef with Parker but if we are looking to rebuild we need to look in other directions.

  • christopher

    “acquired as one of the shooters to provide depth around LeBron James during the team’s run in 2009-10.”

    Can we please stop referring to our players as #6’s play toys?

    They were/are legitimate NBA players that were acquired to win a championship.

    It’s just sounds dirty the other way and makes me feel, Uhm, icky.

  • Lyon

    ben, we may not have talent at those positions, but it’d be nice to find out if we do instead of playing a 36 yr old.

    Manny Harris had flashes of being a scorer last year. Eyenga could use more playing time to see if he can develop into anything more than an athlete. Same with Gee.

    Plus the more minutes Parker plays @ SG means less time for BD and Irving to be on the floor at the same time.

  • James

    can’t we get another old, slow sg for less than two years?

  • **bobby**

    Eff em all. Done with the NBA. Owners got punked. They ratify, they will crying again in 6 years when the pie is smaller

    Watching ESPN. Paul wants to play for the nicks. Deron Williams refuses to play for jersey.

    Instead of looking like the NFL. The NBA will be worse than baseball

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    NBA is pathetic. Im w/ Bobby. This whole “best friends” league of 3-4 teams (Knicks, Celts, Heat and the attempting but failing Nets) is just awful. I cant believe Im saying this, but go Lakers, Thunder, and Mavericks. They’re the only good teams who havent decided to win by putting together a bunch of pansies who want to ride each others’ coattails to NBA rings.