Anthony Parker sweepstakes heat up, and something about Tyson Chandler

Cavaliers fans sometimes find themselves frustrated that the Maccabi Tel-Aviv faithful were treated to the Anthony Parker basketball playing glory days instead of us. We take our anger out on AP directly for this too, and it’s unfair.

We call him things like a super-old and ancient Shooting Guard, a defensive minded player who can’t defend anybody anymore, a guy who can’t create his own shot, and even an NBA player who can no longer launch the ball up into the basket successfully.

We don’t mean any of it though, because we do love Anthony Parker. Just like a lot of other people in the NBA love Anthony Parker too.  Including the New York Knicks, reportedly.

Heading into their first full training camp with both Amare’ Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony together, it was reported this morning that New York is interested in adding one more piece to load up for their run at the NBA championship.  That piece being a 36-year old SG from Cleveland, by way of Bradley University.

This from Marc Berman of the New York Post:

With free-agent forward Grant Hill looking like a long shot, the Knicks have expressed interest in Cavaliers sharpshooter Anthony Parker, The Post has learned.

Though the Knicks’ priority is a defensive center, they seem also intent on getting a 3-point-shooting small forward, a leader who can defend coming off the bench. Parker, who once played for Maccabi Tel Aviv, shot 38 percent from 3-point land last season, averaging 8.3 points.

The Knicks are offering just one-year deals to protect their cap space for 2012 for the possibility of signing the likes of Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Dwight Howard.

They have the $5 million mid-level exception, the $1.9 million biannual exception and the $1.4 million veteran’s minimum. If they wait long enough, they probably can come away with three players from the free-agent market.

But the Knicks probably would have to give Parker, 36, a portion of the mid-level.

According to a person familiar with the Knicks’ thinking, the decision may come down to using the mid-level on the best player available willing to take a one-year deal.

In all seriousness, young players entering the League should study and understand the way that Anthony Parker has made millions upon millions of dollars during his NBA career. He has himself in the best shape possible at all times. He is always available to play (played 70+ regular season games in each of last five years). He is a positive influence in the locker room. He attempts to run the team’s offensive sets. He plays as hard on defense as he can the whole time he’s out there. He shoots a decent percentage from three point range. Sounds simple, but there is a place on every NBA team for a guy like that. Even if that guy is about eight to ten years past his prime.

Where the Cavaliers may have the advantage in re-signing Parker over a team like the Knicks is that I believe they will offer him more than one year.  If AP wants to go to a team with a better chance of winning title however, he may jump ship to NY.  If he does that, it’ll be interesting to see what the Cavaliers end up doing at the SG spot to replace him.

This Signing Tyson Chandler Thing:

MIAMI, FL - JUNE 12:  Tyson Chandler #6 of the Dallas Mavericks reacts against the Miami Heat in the third quarter of Game Six of the 2011 NBA Finals at American Airlines Arena on June 12, 2011 in Miami, Florida.

I’m not sure this merits referencing, but I would be completely shocked if the Cavaliers even made a serious push towards signing Tyson Chandler.

Gone are the days of David Robinson and Patrick Ewing, and as it currently stands, Tyson Chandler is one of the best three or four centers in the NBA right now.  He’s extremely athletic, very active on the defensive end of the floor, can get out and run, he’s ten years in but only 29, and he just won an NBA Title with the Mavs.

He also played for Byron Scott in New Orleans too, and the Cavaliers really don’t have a Center.  So there is a lot to like about Tyson Chandler, and even a couple speculative dots to connect regarding him and your Cleveland Cavaliers too.  There is still no way I see him coming here though.

In order to do so, you definitely would have to Amnesty Baron Davis to free up the cap space.  Dan Gilbert would still have to pay a significant portion of that to BD, and then bring in Tyson Chandler for major dollars on top of that.  And by major dollars, I mean a max contract for Tyson Chandler according to Sam Amick of SI.  In this new era of Cavaliers financial flexibility, I don’t see it.  Not in a season like this one at least.

That said, a starting group consisting of five guys like Kyrie Irving, Omri Casspi, Anderson Varejao, Tyson Chandler, Antawn Jamison, Tristan Thompson, and whoever else at SG might be pretty good this season.  Even better the following season too if you maybe add a SG next year when Jamison comes off the books.

  • John

    Everyone keeps saying, “only if we amnesty davis.” Wouldn’t using the amnesty on Jamison accomplish the same thing? Jamison’s contract is for more. Use that on Chandler, move AV back to the 4 and backup 5. TT gets to play backup for Andy and learn how a guy with little shooting touch coming into to league can develop into a game changer. Davis helps mentor through at least half this year and then maybe gets traded. Best case would be you keep Davis through this year and next year he is either traded to a team making a run or he plays out the contract and that money comes off the cap for when the team is actually ready to compete. That puts 2013-14 season with

    Kyrie, Casspi, TT, Chandler, AV (if no injuries have occurred to derail his ability to be energetic) as your core + the next couple drafts + Davis’s $16 mil off the books.

    While using the amnesty on Jamison and putting an offer for Chandler out there would strap us this year, in a year or two (if it is not a year or two we are in for browns 2.0) when we are able to compete again we will have a big chunk of cash coming off the books.

  • Anthony

    The question you have to ask yourself, is can Chandler play well with Thompson. If the answer is they would be a perfect fit (which isn’t the case) then you could make a push for him otherwise whats the point.

    And if we are going to amnesty anyone it should be Jamison, no one is going to take on his salary in a trade, and he makes more then Baron. Yes he comes off the books at the end of the year, but if Chandler is the guy you want, then cut Jamison and give that money to Chandler.

  • I hear what you’re saying regarding Jamison, but using the Amnesty on him – as opposed to Davis – and bringing in Chandler in this hypothetical is real costly. You’d then have to pay Davis $13.9 million this season and then $14.8 million after that, along with the max salary you’d pay Chandler. Additionally, while you would get the salary cap space, the Cavs would still have to pay Antawn (under contract for only this season) about 75% of his contract too after Amnesty-ing him. Lots of money. You make some good points though for sure, and in the end I’m not sure the Cavs use the Amnesty on either guy really.

  • DocZeus

    We should not be bringing in a 29 year old Tyson Chandler at any circumstance on this team.

  • Cooley Ford

    If the cavs wait a year, let jamison expire/trade him, and then amnesty Davis, we could have like 32 million in cap room next year, with that whole 150% trade thing in the new CBA. Not that that would even be a good thing, but it’s possible.

  • john

    Bowers- I wasn’t so much supporting the idea, just sayin there are other options. I think the benefit of keeping davis for a bit to work with Kyrie outweighs using the amnesty on him. Also, I’m aware of that we would have to pay Jamison if we used it on him. The question is, isn’t it worth it to get rid of the guy who plays no defense and is a black hole of a colume shooter who was the main one laughing at the Wizards gun celebration when you trying to teach guys to play proper D and stay within an offense while building team chemistry within good character? I hated the Jamison trade when it happened, and I think he is worse for the team now

  • bridgecrosser

    When can we amnesty somebody. Can we just wait a year then do it?

  • Cooley Ford


    You can use it before a season on any contract signed under the old CBA. Hypothetically, a team could wait a few years before using it.

  • saggy

    why would you ever amnesty jamison??? the guy can be traded this year for a draft pick/project. i would think Grant is working on getting jamison out of town asap. i’d take a bag of apples for him.

    to me, this year is about letting the young guys play, and taking whatever knocks they have to take in order to get a high draft pick.

    keep Baron – he’s a good mentor. and if you amnesty him, the Heat can pick him up for nothing. we dont want to help them, right?

  • -bobby-

    Is there any young potential center that you could get for Jamison? I think he is an asset as an expiring contract still.

    Now heres a sort of but not too too far fetched thinking- [hypothetical situation] Jamison and Davis(amnesty next year) come off the books after a year where we play sub 500 and land in the lottery. We draft a SG/SF with our pick. Kyrie looks like a legit PG. Can we sell that to Dwight Howard? He could be superman in Cleveland. He could deliver what #6 could not. Could we sell him on a young nucleus of promise with the likes of AV, Sessions, and Eyenga to fill the bench (probably a MLE type player too)?

  • -bobby-

    BTW- I dont like Chandler because he could put them in that awkward middle zone. They need to get a top 5 pick (and hopefully one just utside the lotto if the Kings win enough) to add to this team. What a wonderful dream of Irving-Jeremy Lamb-Cassipi-TT-Dwight.

  • Matt

    The new CBA was nowhere near enough. Cleveland will never get a Dwight Howard to come here until we’ve done the ol’ Three-peat.

  • CBI

    Who said anything about Howard coming to Cleveland?

  • Matt

    #12 CBI

    -bobby- first mentioned Dwight Howard by name, but I think we were both just talking about a general “top tier” player. -bobby- is theorizing about lineups where a top tier player like Dwight Howard would come here because of a young, high-potential line-up. I expressed my doubt due to the lack of fundamental changes in the CBA.

    There is no evidence or rumors (that I know of) that say Dwight Howard may become a Cleveland Cavalier. He was used as an example.

  • -bobby-

    Ya, I am just creating things. I mean, in theory we would have the cap space and a young up and coming team. Doubt it would work.

  • ben

    “We should not be bringing in a 29 year old Tyson Chandler at any circumstance on this team.”

    A well constructed and supported argument if ever I’ve read one.

  • masonjarjar

    Hmm.. what could be wrong with having a top-5 center to pair with a top-5 point guard. Ok, Kyrie has the potential to be a top-5 PG in the NBA. Howver, at 29, Chandler will be a few years older by the time the Cavs compete. As with Andy, you’d have to wonder how he’ll hold up. The only reason I would think that they’d take a run at Chandler is if Grant/Gilbert think that with him, the Cavs have a chance to take a year or two off the rebuild process. Just don’t see it happening.