Byron Scott: Starting Point Guard Spot Still Up For Grabs

With the Cavaliers preseason contests in the rear-mirror, four of the five  starting positions are in ink. The last remaining role: the team’s starting point guard spot with a competition of sorts still ongoing between Ramon Sessions – who started both preseason games – and rookie, first-overall draft selection Kyrie Irving.

With four days remaining until the Cavs tip off against the Toronto Raptors, head coach Byron Scott appears ready to make this decision in the 11th hour, stating he should have his mind made up following the next two days of practice, telling the players on Christmas Day but announcing his intentions publically before the game.

“The one good thing about it is that I have two very good point guards,” Scott said following Thursday’s practice. “That’s a plus. So right now, it’s kind of a toss up.”

Scott has touted Sessions’ improvement on the defensive end, a point of emphasis for the Cavaliers though much of this shortend training camp. Sessions has also stepped up and surprised a lot of the coaching staff with his willingness to work with Kyrie even though the two are technically competing.

I have gone on record multiple times, speculating that I feel Scott will start Sessions on opening day, but will ultimately give way to the rookie by mid-January.  Due to Scott’s reiterated intention to have at least a nine-man rotation through much of the season, it is safe to expect both players getting considerable minutes – regardless of “starter” – as the two players continue to be two of the team’s best offensive weapons.

Photo: Lisa DeJong, The Plain Dealer

  • Chip

    tss, Byron Scott, you should meet his brother Sellin Scott, tss tss

  • mgbode

    yep, doesn’t matter as long as Irving gets alot of burn. Heck, it might be better for him to go with the 2’s if AV, Jamison and Paker (3 guys who likely won’t be here long-term are in it)

  • SDA

    Watching the preseason games I gotta say I like what I see outa Sessions. I’m actually excited

  • stin4u

    Sessions should start, if only to showcase him so he can be flipped before the trade deadline.

  • Lyon

    Doesn’t matter, just give em both a lot of minutes, even playing them at the same time.

    Irving might be able to get a little bit more out of Parker and Jamison since all they really do is stand on the 3 point line and Irv can create more open shots than Sessions, imo

  • mgbode

    @Lyon – Let’s count the players on the Cavs who are best when they do nothing but stand and shoot 3’s on offense:

    Jamison (used to be crafty under the hoop though)
    Gibson (among NBA worst in the paint)
    Casspi (the new addition)
    Luke Harangody (as long as you never actually pass him the ball, including him because if he is on the floor I want him somewhere he is not getting in the way 🙂 )

  • Vengeful Pat

    So just to verify, the starters are going to be Varejao, Jamison, Casspi, Parker, and Sessions/Irving? I like it.

    I feel bad saying it because he’s an awesome guy, but Jamison needs to go. He can still score a little bit, but he has to be one of the worst defenders in the league… he was never better than an average defender and old age (in basketball terms) has not been kind to him.

  • Why does everyone want to trade Sessions? He’s young, talented and affordable right now. Having some depth is not a bad thing here

  • crowsfoot

    Irving and Sessions are going to be the East’s version of Ellis and Curry.If just one of our so-called shooters can hit with consistency,it could be exciting.

  • Shamrock

    I said when Irving was drafted he wouldn’t start it makes sense bringing him off the bench. The only way he starts is if he plays out of this world or Sessions falls apart. I wouldn’t trade Sessions, during the season, due to depth.

  • Harv 21

    Oh come on, the overall #1 is going to start and real soon. This talk is an NBA-savvy coach getting into the kid’s head, telling him he has to work at this level, no sense of entitlement permitted.

    Exactly what he should say. If Kyrie doesn’t start the opener, won’t be more than a few weeks. A #1 on a bad team will start.

  • Flatblade17

    @3 – What exactly did you see out of Sessions? Attempts to drive, missed floaters, no jumper? I agree that Scott should continue to work Irving hard, but he has to start on Monday.

    Plus, I wanna see him run out during the intro since I’m going to the game 🙂

  • Is anyone else concerned that Irving is about to get hit in the head with the basketball in this picture