Beanie Wells Praises Browns’ Front Four

Cleveland fans can add Chris “Beanie” Wells’ name to the laundry list of quality running backs their team has to face during the 2011 slate.

Wells in in the midst of a season that rivals his last two years combined, totaling 943 rushing yards and nine touchdowns through 12 games.  Assuming Wells has seen tape of other bruising backs like Maurice Jones-Drew and Ray Rice doing a number on Dick Jauron’s defense, one would assume he would be salivating at the thought of the holes he’ll have to run through this Sunday when the Browns come to Arizona.  Wells, instead, opted to play the diplomat when discussing his hometown team, specifically the front four who will serve as the first line of defense against the Cardinals’ run game.

“Aw, man. They’re beasts,” Wells said of the Browns defensive line via conference call. “They got a couple of young guys on there in [Phil] Taylor and [Jabaal] Sheard – they’re amazing guys. They’re going to be good football players in this league for a long time. It’s amazing where they’re playing as rookies.”

Wells, an Akron native and former Ohio State Buckeye, certainly was not set out to provide locker room material for the Orange and Brown, stating that the team’s current record is not indicative of how good of a football team they truly are.  Though he may have used some hyperbole by calling members of the Browns defense “phenomenal,” it is a testament to a unit that has done more than it’s share when it comes to keeping the Browns in football games.

Taylor has largely been a bit of a roller coaster when it comes to his game-to-game success, but Sheard and teammate Atyhba Rubin have certainly carried their (admittedly very large) weight through the majority of this 4-9 season. Not to spoil tomorrow’s “Browns Will Win If…,” but it’s safe to assume that there will be a few mentions of the Arizona running back and what the team will have to do to steal a win on the road.

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  • natedawg

    Its about this time in the year (usually after 7-8 losses) that I root for the team to beat them, but at the end I am almost rooting for the other team to comeback so we get a better draft pick. Unless the game means something to the other team, then I am pushing for the Browns. Game like this one…will not lose sleep if the browns lose (esp being 7 point underdawgs)

  • Return of the (Alex) Mack

    I always liked Beanie Wells

  • Chris

    Yeah we’ve got some good guys on D… lots of holes, and lots of question marks too…

  • Pat

    Beanie is being smart about what he’s saying because he knows Cleveland fans, and the front four is one of the best in the league at pass rushing. the sad part is that they dont get to do that very often because the browns are usually playing from behind, which means their opponents will run the ball on them to waste time

  • **bobby**

    Our front four isn’t all that bad.

    Linebacker and Safety play (especially with TJ Ward being out)

    are weaker than our front four, even with the rotational guys.

  • stin4u

    The front four can be pretty good given they get another DE. LB, CB, and FS are a whole other story. Manti Te’o would look awesome in orange and brown.

  • mgbode

    we need a RDE and depth. we should be set at starters at the other 3 spots with what we have seen (yes, Taylor has been up and down and was not good vs. Pitt – overall though, not too shabby for the rookie)

    I agree with stin4u. especially LBer. ugh.

    CB – i guess we can hope to put Brown out to pasture and maybe Skrine or Patterson can step up, but it seems like we do need to draft another guy there too. Soo many holes, not enough draft picks to fill them.

  • mgbode

    oh, and I think Te’o said he was staying, no?

  • **bobby**

    Big Irish fan….Te’o has been less than stellar.

    Very good in spots…looks slow and confused at times.

    Is he better than D Jackson? When healthy he is our best LB I think.

    Need an outside guy before a MB methinks and a better safety, corner, and RDE before we need an MB.

    Oh and a RT and a WR and probably an RB.

  • mgbode

    @bobby – if we get a MLB, then DQ becomes a WOLB. it’s one of the few things that we have going for us. We can take whichever LBer we feel is best wherever we take one because we can shift around our other guys to fit.

  • **bobby**


    K… will take your word for it.

    Knowing that we need so much more, especially on the O side, I really haven’t been looking at Middle Linebackers.

    Although I am not sold on T’eo being a top 10 pick.

    anyone else have the MB run down?

  • **bobby**

    this site has T’eo as the 4th best MB

    1 Arizona State Vontaze Burfict
    Jr 6’3″ 245 #7

    2 Alabama Don’ta Hightower
    Jr 6’4″ 258 #30

    3 Boston College Luke Kuechly
    Jr 6’2″ 235 #40

    4 Notre Dame Manti Te’o
    Jr 6’2″ 245 #5

    5 North Carolina State Audie Cole
    Sr 6’4″ 242 #42

  • stin4u

    @mg – You are correct.

    @bobby – I’ve not caught every game but I hadn’t seen much of that out of them. It could be the the rest of their less than stellar defenders getting in his way.

    I’m not so sure about the rest of the prospects but the ND vs. BC game was a dominant showing for Luke Kuechly. I’d be all for him.

  • ben

    Te’o isn’t entering the draft this year anyway.
    Sort of like Andrew Luck last year.

  • Lyon

    what about Mallet?

  • mgbode

    @bobby – oh no. no Teo in the top10. heck, from what I have seen of him this year, I would have wanted to wait until round2 (sort of reminds me of ReyM – not a bad guy to have but certainly not a round1 guy). going back to school was the smart move for him.

    I also agree that we have such big needs at harder positions to fill and should look elsewhere in the draft if we can (always seems like a Fujita, Tulloch, etc are available at LB in FA).

    @lyon – NE will want a bounty for Mallet who was selected in round3 for a reason. He was too much Derek Anderson at Ark (a bunch of lasers that would go off target too often). Also, not the prototypical WCO guy as he’s much better on the long passes than he is on the short ones (at least in college).

  • stin4u

    @mgbode – I think that was sarcasm from Lyon. Ryan Mallet was a running draft joke around here along with Jake Locker.

  • mgbode

    @stin4u – ah yes. that flew so far over my head I didn’t even hear any wind.

    (i’ve seen some advocates for trading for Mallet elsewhere)

  • Lyon

    haha thanks stin

  • Shamrock

    @Stin4u and both Locker and Mallett will probably have long careers meanwhile the Browns quarterback carousel will continue.

    I’m sure Wells was giving those high remarks with a smirk he’s licking his chops for Sunday. I’d be Leary of the little back tho, Rowlings-Smith. There isn’t a Browns LB on the roster who can cover him.

  • ben

    So how can I turn this into a comment section about firing Shurmur?