While We’re Waiting… The DiaTribe Returns, Buckeyes Improvise and Your Canton Charge Draft Primer

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Look who’s back!- “On 3B, I’d be awfully surprised if Hannahan is given the nod over Chisenhall (nice piece here on The Chiz), who has been touted as a top prospect for years, whose defense has always been at least average, particularly now that he’s been exposed to MLB and began to show signs of being a special player down the stretch in 2011. Maybe Hannahan sticks around as a defensive replacement or a 2nd Utility IF (Donald is probably the main Utility IF), but I would guess that the Indians are going to give The Chiz the majority of the playing time at 3B in 2012, even if he’s not the Opening Day starter…though I still think he is.

If you figure that The Chiz, Asdrubal, and Kipnis are going to be playing 3B, SS, and 2B for most of the 2012 season, the only real opportunity to upgrade the defense of the infield over what currently exists in the organization comes at 1B and, since the Indians were already probably in the market for a 1B, the question becomes what role defense will play in their decision, in terms of who to add at 1B. That is to say that the Tribe would be wise to not play a player out of position at 1B (though they’ve done it before…at MANY other positions) and should perhaps focus on adding a slick-fielding defender at 1B as they look to augment the 2012 roster and maximize the effectiveness of their pitching staff.” [Paul/The DiaTribe]

Krolik reviews Scott Raab’s book. Look for Scott to have a piece soon on the same- “Raab’s book is also a post-sports blog creation — it would have been almost impossible to imagine a writer of Raab’s stature writing a full-length sports book with so many declarations of loyalty to a team and a city, so much hatred directed at those who he felt betrayed his city, the aforementioned bursts of profanity, so many autobiographical anecdotes, and some unsourced rumors thrown in for good measure — some are presented as rumors, some are presented as fact, some are 100% believable, and some are tough to take without a grain (or shaker) of salt. It is a book written without access, favor to the players who gave him access, or discretion — the Deadspin credo. On top of everything else, The Whore of Akron may be the first full-length book produced by a successful mainstream writer in the blog era.” [Krolik/Cavs the Blog]

Hmmm. I think I saw this movie- “Ohio State receiver Corey Brown said that Smith was about the only person to do what he was assigned on the 40-yard scrambling pass play, which was the difference with 20 seconds left in a 33-29 win over Wisconsin. “We were scrambling … and they didn’t give us a play or nothing,” Brown said. “So we’re out there just running playground routes. I think I ran a deep out or something like that. And Braxton said he pointed at me to get the safety to run over (so he could) throw it to Devin. So on his part, that was like a veteran move.”

He didn’t blame the coaches for the mix-up in those final frenzied seconds. “I just think we were so, like, into the moment our emotions kind of took over and we weren’t really listening to anybody,” Brown said. “We were just trying to hustle. I think there was only one wideout, which was Devin, who got the real play.”[Tim May/Columus Dispatch]

Brendan talks about the Cavaliers’ plans to re-sign Anthony Parker. [Stepien Rules]

Finally, are you ready for the D-League draft? No? Sam Amico has you covered. [Fox Sports Ohio]

  • Lyon

    I thought we were finally rid of Parker. What do we have to gain by keeping a guy whose better days are behind him defensively? Just let Harris/Gee/Eyenga play SG and keep the spot warm for future rookie instead of Parker.

  • Swig

    There’s something to be said about a guy you know will be in uniform, healthy, and as productive as he can be night-in and night-out

    Yay for consistent mediocrity! Count me in for giving the kids a chance. Would rather have another bad season.

    More importantly, why are we talking NBA free agent signings?

  • Shamrock

    Another reason for me to hope the lockout continues: not having to watch Parker underachieve more.

  • boomhauertjs

    @Swig – You want to talk about the trainwreck that is the Browns season?

    I thought we had seen the last of the Parker-patented turnaround, fadeaway baseline jumper that has no chance of going in…

  • ben

    “More importantly, why are we talking NBA free agent signings?”

    I agree. Let’s talk more about Shurmur’s offense!!!

  • Swig

    Good points…

    How bout dem Buckeyes!

  • Shawn

    Here’s an idea to solve that defensive hole that is first base (as well as a guy that can swing the stick, at least average-wise): Casey Kotchman. I think a 3 year $15M-$18M deal could get it done.