Week 12 Open Thread: Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Coming off their first win in a month, the Cleveland Browns travel down Interstate 71 to face the Cincinnati Bengals in the “Battle of Ohio.” The Bengals are 6-4 and looking to stay in the AFC playoff race after a critical road loss in Baltimore last week. This is the first week of a particularly rough final stretch of the schedule, as the Browns have 5 division games scheduled during the holiday season.

Both Browns running backs, Peyton Hillis and Montario Hardesty, are active and expected to play. AJ Green is also active for the Bengals. For all your preview needs, check out our regular Friday “Browns Will Win If…” feature. Spend your afternoon with us and leave your comments here as the Browns look to improve to 5-6 under Pat Shurmur.

  • Wacman

    Great throw to a reciever to go get it. You straight up can’t defend that… it’s impossible

  • DonFelder

    Ouch. I was glad just to watch a good football game today, but it sure hurts to get burned on one huge play like that for the loss. Ball game.

  • Harv 21

    great great play by both Dalton and Green. Tip your cap. More talent wins today.

  • -bobby-


  • Yngwie

    that’s an all world play by green, gotta hand it to him.

  • Dave

    That’s our difference. Browns blitz 7 and receivers make plays. Opposing teams blitz 7 and receivers fail.

  • -bobby-

    Need a fumble here folks…

  • saggy

    (expletive deleted)

  • -bobby-

    Not that were there yet… but Cribbs is gonna have to have a huge return…

  • -bobby-

    Taylor… do your best Shaun impression.

  • Harv 21

    Rubin was a monster, my Browns MVP today. Full speed all over the place, affecting plays even when he didn’t register a stat.

    If I have one coaching beef, and it’s a minor one, the spring was clearly out of Hillis’s step the last 2 drives. You had another giuy running well.

  • Shamrock

    Worst WRs in the NFL. Evan Moore must have slept with Shurmur’s wife!

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Dammit. I hate losing to Cincy. Their bandwagon fans are so annoying.

  • C-Bus Kevin

    Need some actual wide receivers. Watching Cribbs round off that route and barely figt for the ball was disappointing.

    This team needs wide receivers. I’m not sure if it’s the #1 priority, but it’s on the podium. The right side of the offensive line is shaky, but for crying out loud…THE DROPS!!

  • Big Z

    McCoy forced a pass into double coverage off a bootleg for the 4th time this season. I cringe when I see him roll right anymore.

    Greg Little had 5 legitimate drops by my count. I’ve never seen a receiver do that bad. 5 DROPS. It’s ridiculous to even talk about.


  • Yngwie

    WRs and line were really bad in the second half. D was fine, and a great play by Green to win it you just have to tip your cap. Hopefully this gets under our skin moving into the rest of our games and next year. The way we lost should definitely sting a little.

  • mike_964boo

    Why even bother covering a hole on the right side with an RG? If it’s still a gaping hole?!

  • DonFelder

    Well we got a watchable game today. That’s all most of us reasonable people have been asking for.

    Random observation, but Cribbs really does just look flat out slow these days, especially after seeing that Patrick Peterson punt return highlight after the game.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    As well as the offense played in the first half, 3 points on a 54 yard FG in the second half isn’t going to cut it.

    Definitely made progress and actually looked like an NFL team today, but it’s still disappointing to lose to a Cincy team that’s really not that good.

  • Dee P

    Can’t really explain why I am so livid after this loss….but I have to call Shurmur out here.

    Game was 20-17 we just got burned on the Dalton to Gresham play…we come out and it’s Hillis up the middle back-to-back for a first down…there was an injury to Sims (Bengals) and the third quarter ended.

    We come out…first play of the fourth quarter and we call pass???

    Look, I understand Hillis may not be 100%…but there was plenty of time for him to catch his breath there and get another carry.

    It’s 4th qtr…use your man-child at RB and pound the clock…

    I cannot stand short passes when we have RBs who can get the same amount of yardage.

    How many more drops, bad throws, McCoy getting rocked, on short passes do we need to watch?

    I am sick of Shurmur’s play calling…there is something to be said about ball control and playing winning football, and this guy does not get it.

    Completely unimpressed with him.

    Completely done supporting him or arguing to “give him time”

    I’m done ranting if anyone cared.

  • CLE

    I agree that Cribbs looks slow… his first 3 steps seem like they’re in slow motion then he gets going

  • Wacman

    Wow, you guys talk about wanting to see the Browns look competitive, and then they do, and lose, and a lot of people are still ready to stab Shurmur’s face off. They played well overall, especially the offense.

  • saggy

    Cribbs looks a little slow but he’s TOUGH. that’s always been part of his game. he is an in-control runner, so speed isn’t as important to him. give him some daylight and he can meet the hole.

  • DonFelder

    @Wacman: I noted above that I am happy I got to watch a competitive, NFL-caliber game today.

    But I wouldn’t be too quick to give the offense too much credit: they played AWFUL in the second half. They played remarkably well in the first half and they were probably going to come back to earth. But they came back to earth and then some. All they had to do was maintain a decent level. Instead, we were back to square one, kicking 50+ yard FGs in the wind.

    So yes, it was encouraging in some respects, but I wouldn’t be making sweeping declarations like “especially the offense played well overall.” Playing well for a half simply isn’t playing well “overall.”

  • BuckeyeDawg

    @172 – the offense played well in the first half. Our offense couldn’t get closer than a 54 yard FG in the second half. Aren’t going to win many games like that. Cincy clearly made some adjustments at halftime, and we didn’t.

    I’m not horribly upset by this loss, but it’s a game they had a chance to win, and they didn’t do it. It’s especially annoying for me because now I have to listen to my family and friends who are Bungle fans run their mouth until next season.

  • @175 and anyone else: Have the Browns had a coaching staff that could make second half adjustments since 1999?

    I don’t feel so bad. When Little caught that late pass in Bengals territory for a first down, I began bracing myself for the worst. Nothing surprised me after that point.