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NBA Lockout: NBA Players, Owners, Reach Agreement

After a 16 hour marathon negotiating session on Black Friday, reports indicate that the NBA players and owners have reached a tentative agreement. All indications were that the talks would stall, given reports of NBA players’ attorney Jeffrey Kessler going back and asking for 51% of BRI on a conference call. Ken Berger of CBS first tweeted the news, which was shortly thereafter confirmed at a joint press conference to announce the news. From Ken Berger’s twitter account:

BREAKING: Tentative agreement reached, according to one of the negotiators.

Howard Beck of the New York Times quickly followed with “Deal done…NBA is back.” After agonizing and discouraging months of negotiations, the holiday weekend and Friday marathon negotiation session apparently brought the two sides together.

The season is scheduled to start on Christmas day, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.  The NBA union will have to re-organize itself and vote to finalize the deal, but it appears the main framework has been agreed upon. We will have plenty more on the details of the new labor agreement as the news unfolds.

  • bowman941

    Should this excite me?

  • Buckeye4life

    Who Cares…..

  • Shamrock

    Really? I feel so much better my life is complete!

  • Alex

    In other breaking news, Nickelodeon has renewed Rugrats for another season.

  • MallaLubba

    No, for real! This is it this time! No take-backsies!

  • Architrance


  • Chuck

    Come talk to me when they are actually playing ball. Until then I’m not interested. Neither are the businesses and families that aren’t able to have a happy holiday season after missing out on over a month of the season. The NBA and their players shouldn’t be excited, rather they should be offering apologies for their greed and it’s impact on the communities they say they care about.

  • Stinkfist

    I would have been fine without the NBA for a year, but we would have been screwed in the draft order, because to my understanding, it was the average of the last three seasons wins. Anyway, moot point now, let the season begin and f*** the Heat

  • Kildawg

    Agree with Stinkfist, especially the miami hate part. Cant forget to hate on division and boston too. On to developing rookies, other young guys, and another lottery pick. We could land Sullinger (if he enters the draft)!