Indians Unveil “New” Uniforms for the 2012 Season: Joe Smith Approves of One of Them

At least that’s what I think this link means.  Or maybe this is just a Black Friday ruse designed to make people buy jerseys that don’t really exist.  You decide.

The differences here seem minimal.  Slightly less trim around the “Indians” script, and the red-brimmed cap in both iterations.  Whatever.  They look pretty rinky-dink to me–like a replica you buy when you can’t afford the real thing.  Either way, I’ll still prefer the cream-colored alternates they wore on Sundays this past season.

What I find most interesting in the picture above is Joe Smith.  First, without causing too much offense, why Joe Smith?  Were Ezequial Carrera and Frank Hermann not available?  Also, is Smith just uncomfortable in the white because it’s after Labor Day?  Or is this a before-and-after photo of his upcoming arbitration hearing?  Inquiring minds want to know what makes Joe Smith smile.  We may need a press release to clear this up.

  • christopher

    Joe Smith = insert random white player here.

    ……even his name is as non-ethnic as you could possibly make him.

  • MrCleaveland

    I hate the softball jerseys.

  • Destribe

    No changes to the road greys, which I love. But can anyone answer why they are so expensive ($200)? I love me a tribe jersey but not for that price.

  • BELIEVEland

    ^^ I agree… you can get the same jerseys online for a third of the price if you just look around and stay away from the “official” team shop stores.

  • TC

    I like the changes. Simpler is almost always better when it comes to sports uniforms, especially baseball. I also agree with Mr. Cleaveland above – hate the blue softball jerseys. I almost expect to hear the ping of an aluminum bat every time a Tribe hitter comes to the plate wearing one.

  • TSR3000

    When I hear “Indians new uniforms” I instantly fear that the chief is gone. Just glad to see him still there.

  • jimkanicki

    the cream home unis and grey away unis were excellent.
    why is this so hard to get right?

  • Wahoo53

    1. They need to get rid of those horrendous red caps worn with the cream-colored home uniforms. Red caps with navy undershirts and navy stirrups is a mismatched mess!! Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

    2. The road gray uniform introduced in 2011 is too plain. Red letters and numbers outlined in navy would improve it.

    3. The script “Indians” is still too thick and bulky. The script styles used during the late ’40s and early ’50s were much, much better.

    4. How about just one shade of navy blue for all uniforms? They use at least two shades currently.

    5. Eliminate the cream color. It’s a gimmick used for throwback uniforms. One problem — Teams didn’t wear cream-colored uniforms years ago.

  • MallaLubba

    I just love that this has all the potential to stir up a huge controversy.

  • Matt S

    I’m a fan of the changes. So is Uni Watch, for what that’s worth. The double piping was too much.

    Now, if they can ditch those red caps on the creme uniforms, I’ll be content.

  • Kildawg

    Really was hoping for more of a makeover on the home whites ala the block lettering, but the subdued changes make it more appealing nonetheless. The blue alts look sweeter with the gray, almost silver, trim for collar and cuffs. Our best unis are the creme colored alt homes for Opening Day, weekends, and holidays (playoffs too?).

  • pastorofmupets

    I would like to see the red hat with the road grey, and the blue C hat back with the cream jersey

  • Joemama

    Until they get rid of that goofy buck-toothed cartoon on the cap, I can never respect the Cleveland baseball team. They have the worst logo in sports.

  • D Mat

    Ditch Chief & bring back Brownie…he’s a Bad @$$. And watch the fortunes of the two teams improve.

  • taz

    The road greys are the best uniform in the history of, i love those jerseys. classic beauties

  • enjoyradio

    Until they eliminate the red cap for the cream alternates, I will not be satisfied. I’d be even happier if they brought back the script I cap, but I know that with the block lettering it doesn’t work as well. As nice as the road greys are, I am not a fan of the block C cap, in either of its colors.