Game Ten Open Thread: Browns vs Jacksonville Jaguars


Some questions heading into today’s game between your 3-6 Cleveland Browns and the 3-6 Jacksonville Jaguars:

– Will this game be worth watching or will I just be angry in a few hours?

– Will the Browns score a touchdown in the first period?

– How about in the third?

– What about simply getting into the endzone in front of their home fans, no matter the quarter? Is that possible?

– Can they force rookie-QB Blain Gabbart into some mistakes?

– If he has time, will we see Colt McCoy throw downfield?

– Just exactly how afraid should I be of Jacksonville’s bowling ball of a running back, Maurice Jones-Drew? As of right now, the answer is “very.”

-Will Colt McCoy be allowed to audible?

– Will they keep finding new and interesting ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

This is an NFL and Browns open thread.

  • Dee P

    Something between Shame and Pride?


  • sam

    If I were a Jags fan I would be pissed… That game was in their back pocket with MJD in the backfield and a couple yards to go.

  • Harv 21

    ok, bullet-dodging puts me in the mood for positives.

    – Colt: much better game
    – Refs: they looove us.

    wait, can’t stop myself from negatives:
    – why can’t we pressure rookie qb’s into rookie mistakes? where was the pressure, especially in the first half? his end of game mistake was not due to our pressure.
    – if our o-line was handling their d-line, where was Evan Moore?

  • Dee P

    It feels great right now…but come mid-April we will all wish we would have lost.

  • Dee P

    @ Harv

    Great questions. You do NOT qualify as a Cleveland sports reporter.


  • Harv 21

    more positive: no can complain about playcalling generally. Shurmur mixed it up and there were a bunch of nice forst down throws that fooled Jax.

    What if Ogdo had down with an injury – we use (gasp) Clayton the rest of way? Isn’t Terry Kirby available? Or someone form the lingerie league?

  • Jack

    cleveland is stupid.

    stupid win.

    jags threw the game. mjd scores easily on 4th.

  • Dee P

    @ Harv

    Kirby’s IN the lingerie league…

  • Harv 21

    looking at the Cincy-Ravens game. Add Andy Dalton to the QBs who will torture us for years. Kid plays with serious cajones.

  • Jack

    why don’t we know when to quit. why do we insist on winning 4-6 games EVERY year.

    you have to lose more than that.

  • Dee P

    I wouldn’t be surprised is Ogbonnaya’s out next week.

  • Dee P

    See ya Sunday…

  • Dee P

    As bad as we have been this year….it’s crazy to think that with just 2 plays….the Cincy sleeping-D, and the botched snap vs. the Rams, we’d be 6-4.

  • Subadai

    winning feels… weird.