Browns’ Hillis Allegedly Ditches Children’s Halloween Event

Cleveland Browns running back, and local drama magnet, Peyton Hillis was an alleged no-show for a Halloween-based event which was held at Cleveland’s Boys & Girls Club on Monday evening. 

Dubbed “Halloween With Hillis,” former St. Ignatius, Ohio State University and Cleveland Browns center LeCharles Bentley was slated to have this season’s tough luck star on his recently-launched Internet radio program, airing from the local chapter of the Boys & Girls Club with the opportunity for children in attendance to receive candy as well as autographs, and all donations from the evening going directly to the Club.  A press release was sent out roughly one week earlier, sharing Bentley’s booking as well as encouraging local children to attend.

Surrounded by various members of the local media, Bentley went live with his Watch the Throne-laced radio program at 6:00pm without Hillis in attendance. Bentley, who is a board member of the Boys & Girls Club, recently held an event at the same club with former Buckeyes quarterback Troy Smith, helped to organize the event for underprivileged youth, allegedly ensuring that the event was booked through proper channels with verifyable communication.  Unfortunately for those in attendance, the Browns running back never made it to the Club, leading to a groundswell of consternation.

Though a press release went out with regard to the event, a cursory look at the Cleveland Boys & Girls Club website has no mention of the event. The only Halloween-related events held at the Club, per the website, involved trick-or-treating on October 21 and pumpkin carving three days later.  Given the matter in which third-party events are organized, there are multiple layers in which communication lines could potentially be blurred. A representative from the Boys & Girls Club of Cleveland has gone on record with WFNY to say that they agreed to provide Bentley and his radio show the space from which to broadcast, but all bookings and logistics were left in the hands of the show’s host.

Hillis has largely been very welcoming to – and welcomed by – the Cleveland area, previously taking part in several area autograph signings and various other local events.  His most recent set of tweets encompass his feelings for the town, stating that the Arkansas native would like to retire in Cleveland after a career with the Browns.  Unfortunately, since the calendar turned to 2011, Hillis has been surrounded by drama both on and off of the field, ranging from contract discussions to missing multiple games due to a litany of injuries and ailments. It could be assumed that if not for the ancillary drama surrounding Hillis 2011 season, this issue may not be an issue at all.

On the radio program, Bentley referred to Hillis’ lack of participation as “more of a ‘trick’ than a treat.'” As the event came to a close roughly one hour later, Bentley noted what had transpired via Twitter, stating that not only did the bruising back not show up to the event, but that he wants a contract including $10 million in guaranteed money.  Given that the event was not sponsored by the Browns, the team will not comment on the players, both former and current.  As of this publication, Hillis has yet to respond to the most recent set of allegations.

AP Photo/Ed Reinke

  • oribiasi

    I really wonder how true this is, or if its just blown way out of proportion. If Hillis did blow off those kids, then shame on him for doing so. If Bentley is a liar, then shame on him instead.

    Either way, someone is in for a shaming, ha.

    What is WAY more interesting to me is the $10M deal. That seems too high for him; Gocong got $6M, which in/of itself is shocking, so I am thinking the absolute ceiling for Hillis, if I am the Browns, is $8M. Whaddya think?

  • mgbode

    it’s Bentley, i don’t trust anything that comes out of his mouth.

  • oribiasi

    @ mgbode: Yeah, he does often seem full of $#it. Which is too bad, because I always thought he was a decent center in college and clearly a solid NFL player as well. But that never means he is personally solid.

    Would you bite on $10M/year for Hillis? Maybe a 3 year deal, because he will have injuries given his running style. Of course I am guessing he wants at minimum 5 years, most likely 6. Which is insane.

  • dwhit110

    Doesn’t it just seem like Bentley is stirring the pot here? (About the no show AND the contract demands)

  • Hetz

    I just want to know how the hamstring is doing.

  • dwhit110

    Also, did Bentley say that Hillis wants $10 million GUARANTEED or $10 million PER YEAR… these are very different things.

    /Assuming that Bentley even knows what he’s talking about when he discusses Hillis’ contract demands, which is a stretch.

  • Shamrock

    See this kind of crap wouldn’t happen if the Browns had more then one “star” on the roster. This is getting as old as Kim Kardashian’s marriage, wait, I mean her drama.

  • James

    I think I would let Hillis test free agency when his contract expires If those demands are true. He’s had one good season in four years, and injuries are a major concern. I don’t know if its wise to lock him up long term if he is not going to be healthy enough to play. Maybe a 3 year deal worth 6 million? With 2 or 3 guaranteed? I think its tough because I can’t think of any similar situations…

  • “Also, did Bentley say that Hillis wants $10 million GUARANTEED or $10 million PER YEAR… these are very different things.”

    I’m thinking the latter, but I also thought I was alone in that thinking. Gocong is guaranteed $8mm over three years; it sounds like Hillis wants $10mm guaranteed, I’d guess over the same stretch.

  • stin4u

    @1 and 2 – Totally agreed.

    Bentley is awful. He’s too emotional about everything. My guess is something slipped through the cracks and he’s going bonkers for something that was out of Hillis’s control.

    That contract to Gocong was just gas to pour on the fire separating Hillis and the Browns.

  • Harv 21

    Double-dang. Looks like Hillis is just a pro jock, and not the aw-shucksin’, lord-lovin’, truck pullin’, anti-Lebronin’ hero we annointed just a year ago. Color me blindsided.

    If this is the comparatively rational sports website, hope people get some confirmation before citing Bentley’s gasbag proclomations as actual negotiating positions. Since, you know, he is not involved in the negotiations and if he heard something he would have said it on his show for the ratings boost.

  • MrCleaveland

    For what it’s worth, if anything, on 92.3 The Fan this morning, Channel 5 sports director Andy Baskin is explaining why he didn’t run with this story last night even though he knew about it. He said he didn’t have any facts as to why Hillis didn’t show, and so he declined to report it. He suggested that the other TV guys who ran with it (he didn’t name names) were engaging in schlock.

  • da -Z-

    MAKE THE DRAMA STOP ALREADY!!! I don’t give a crap about what players do in their lives off the field. I am not kidding you: sports news is turning into OK Magazine reporting. This type of news really makes me not wanting me to read up on sports anymore. I need insight in football, I could care less about sensationalism

  • oribiasi

    @ MrCleaveland: Well, of course, someone would pick it up for ratings. That’s not a surprise.

    But, something happened here; if nothing else, Bentley “leaked” information (which may not actually be valid information) and if in fact it turns out to be accurate, he should be treated appropriately, because that’s not so nice.

    I don’t really like Bentley so I am trying to be objective, but this might push me over the edge in my opinion of his as a sports-talk person.

  • Harv 21

    shoot me now.

    Also, jock missing charity event through blunder/inattention/whatever ain’t excactly a Man Bites Dog headline. We’re talking about a dude who decided to get married last Tuesday, in Arkansas, during a week in which Browns were playing on the west coast, instead of during the bye-week or off-season. We all must be graded on a curve.

  • da -Z-

    *listening to ipod, life is better now*

  • Harv 21

    “excactly”? grade my spelling today on a wide curve, por favor.

  • OmegaKing


  • Andrew

    Sounds a bit high, considering he hasn’t hardly played this year and when he has played he hasn’t been nearly as successful as last year. He is definitely worth it if he goes out and proves it on the field. Sadly, that has yet to be seen.

  • Sounds like Bentley is trying to drum up interest in a radio show that no one would have any inclination to listen to otherwise.

    And as it’s been stated, how in the world would he know what Hillis and his agent are asking for in a new contract?

  • Ghost To Most

    The Madden curse lives! Put Michael Vick back on the cover next year!

  • mgbode

    @oribiasi – taking out my fandom for a moment, I cannot envision giving $10mil/year to any RB other than the superstar of the superstars. It is too quick of a downturn position and there are too many good ones that pop up out of seemingly nowhere (DeMarco Murray being the latest example).

    add to it that Hillis has not been able to stay healthy in his time in Denver or either of his 2 seasons here (much do to his running style) and it seems obvious that he will not garner a hugely hefty contract.

    now, if he wants $10mil guaranteed over 3 seasons coming in at about $6mil per year, then I would stamp that one (putting most of the guaranteed money in the first 2 years of the deal). It’s still a position he fits beautifully in the WCO and it’s not like we have a stable to replace him with right now.

  • Chris

    I missed the part where there was anything I was supposed to care about in this story…

  • Hetz

    “Ghost To Most 21. November 1, 2011
    The Madden curse lives! Put Michael Vick back on the cover next year!”


  • Sean

    Drama during a Browns season, you don’t say.

  • -bobby-

    24. November 1, 2011

    “Ghost To Most 21. November 1, 2011
    The Madden curse lives! Put Michael Vick back on the cover next year!”


    Switch to team logo. steelers. Boom.

  • cleveland78

    Why are people doubting Bentley? What he ever done to indicate that he’s a liar?

  • Chucky Brown

    Im pretty disappointed in Hillis all around this year, but I think this much ado about nothing

    ( However im sure LaCharles is going to cash in ratings wise)

  • Dennison

    If I actually had the time to count how many negative Browns articles as opposed to positive articles, they would probably be a ratio of around 10:1 negative to positive. I understand that this city is starving for a winner, but how can anyone be positive about a team when there is never anyone having anything good to say? There are positives in a loss. We knew going into this season that we were not a playoff team, so why the high expectations?

  • Dennison – I’d wager to say that our Browns posts are all fair, with most of them looking at positives. Disagree?

  • RyInCBus


  • Joe

    IMO – anyone who was just thinking about listening to LB’s internet radio show – time to take a permanent PASS based on this fiasco. Maybe WKNR will take him back…LOL! The way it looks NOW…really BAD moves by LeCharles. Buh-bye~~~

    *** – Well done updating this article guys…you continue to stay on it!

  • Vengeful Pat

    I am assuming Dennison hasn’t been to this site before… I would say 80-90% of Browns articles are at least glass-half-full optimistic.

  • Kevin

    Scott, where is the update you promised via twitter?

  • PGP

    How many people read this and said “LCB has an internet radio show now?”

    I think he got what he wanted out of that tweet… talk about his radio show.

  • JM

    How bad is LB when WKNR didn’t even want him?

  • daniel tyler

    Hillis wants 10 mil guaranteed over 3 years.

    Michael Turner 15 million guaranteed (before he was proven as an every down back, he has had some good seasons but is severely overrated, gets caught from behind and lacks lateral agility.
    McGahee 15 million guaranteed with Ravens after 1 slightly above average season and 2 mediocre seasons (1200 yards 4 ypc, 1100+ yards 3.8, 990 yards 3.8 ypc) (he has gone to 9 mill, 3 mill guaranteed with Denver
    Bradshaw 9 million guaranteed (had about the same number of fumbles as Hillis last year and not a homerun threat, much smaller.
    Jonathan Stewart 10 mill guaranteed (not even a starter)
    Brandon Jacobs 13 mill guaranteed (barely sees the ball now)
    Maurice Jones Drew 17 mill guaranteed, thats closer to what a superstar gets and you are acting like Hillis is crazy for asking for 10. Why would he ask for 10 million guaranteed for 5 or 6 years? That would be a really low pay day if you average it out.

    I would say Hillis is more talented than all of those guys that have 15 mill guaranteed or less.

  • Brooks

    Didn’t Bentley rob the Browns out of millions after getting injured on the first non-contact play of his Browns career. An injury that I heard he got playing pick up basketball before the season. Who is he to ever question how much someone should make. Tell him to keep practicing for his freaking Audi radio commercials.

  • i wouldnt.

     * chronically injured.  (he has the calcium growth in his thigh.  it never goes away.  he’ll always contend with injuries.)
     * fumble-itis.  (i *think* he has smallish hands.  don’t know, but that’s what i think i see. if so, it too will never go away especially with the way he runs to contact [which is a strength of his].)

    3mill guaranteed sounds just right actually.
    (lol.. posted 3 months ago?