While We’re Waiting… Larry Hughes Again, Coach Dantonio and Haden’s Reputation Spreading

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Whipping boy Larry Hughes is looking to get back in the game- “He’s also 32, though, which isn’t too far off from an NBA player’s prime. With long arms, good hands, a sometimes-there jumper, and good instincts. At least defensively, as Hughes is just six years removed from leading the NBA in steals. He really should be able to pick up where the NBA left off, and work as wing depth off the bench. This should be the case, at least, when you factor in his skills, his frame, his athleticism and age and abilities. That has rarely been a point of purpose with LH, sadly. He never really cashed in on those physical gifts, and that touch, save for his contract year in 2004-05. Though it helped to doom LeBron James'(notes) time in Cleveland, we don’t mind reminding that we were on board with the Cavaliers wasting a max contract on Larry during the 2005 offseason, because he seemed (coming off a 21 PER season at age 26) the mini-LeBron that Cleveland needed handling the broken plays. We, and Cleveland, were terribly wrong.” [Dwyer/Ball Don’t Lie]

Interesting stuff in the new book on Rich Rodriguez and his three year tender in Michigan. And this nugget- “One might think that if “familiarity” and “continuity” were coaching criteria to be prized above all, and if The Ohio State University were to use that as its own takeaway lesson, that somebody like Mark Dantonio might be an ideal future candidate in Columbus. Hilariously, Bacon points out that at a Conference meeting in Chicago, Jim Tressel “could not have been more pleasant” in interacting with the Michigan contingent. Mark Dantonio said not a word. Until he arrived at Michigan Stadium for the 2010 Michigan-Michigan State game. A Stadium official assigned to greet opposing team buses offered his hand to Dantonio and welcomed him after Dantonio’s brush with a heart attack a few weeks earlier. “Get the hell out of here” was Dantonio’s response.” [Eleven Warriors]

“The Browns are still very much a work in progress. They are going to struggle – and lose – to good teams; hopefully they can hold their own and find a way to win against other mediocre and bad teams (think Miami and Seattle). But are they really any different than the other teams in the division?

The Browns three wins have come against teams (Miami, Indianapolis and Seattle) that are a combined 2-17, a “winning” percentage of .105 – which is about as bad as you can get. Look at the first-place Steelers, though. Pittsburgh’s five wins have come against Seattle, Indy, Tennessee, Jacksonville and Arizona – teams that are a combined 8-24, a .250 winning percentage.” [Red Right 88]

Some good advanced scouting over there in SF- “The San Francisco 49ers host the Cleveland Browns this weekend and the 49ers offense will find themselves battling one particular weapon on the Browns defense. Cornerback Joe Haden has struggled with his health in recent weeks, but he is coming out of the Browns win over Seattle just about 100%. They have a few weapons on defense, but Haden is their biggest defensive threat.

The Cleveland Browns have a bit of an up and down defense. Football Outsiders ranks them 14th overall (13th against the pass, 15th against the run). What I found particularly interesting is that in the passing game Cleveland ranks number two against opponent’s number one wide receiver, 22nd against the number two wide receiver, 30th against tight ends and 25th against running backs.” [Niners Nation]

Finally, a winter blast from the past. [WFNY Tumblr]

  • Lyon

    I’m surprised we’re 30 vs the TE. who can be worse than us? I’m willing to bet that after going against Vernon Davis this weekend we drop down to 32. I have no confidence in our LBs to stay with that beast.

  • Shamrock

    We’ll see just how good the defense is this Sunday. Count the options SF has then look at Cleveland.

  • mgbode

    ” in the passing game Cleveland ranks number two against opponent’s number one wide receiver”

    I LOVE Joe Haden <3

  • mgbode

    and of course Tressel was nice to Michigan rep’s. Afterall, Michigan was so nice to him (on the field) in his time at Ohio State.

  • typo

    Outside of Voldemort James, I don’t think I’ve disliked a basketball player more them Hughes.

  • -bobby-

    I think the TE rank is largely based on that 1 catch by Cook. I think Davis may have a decent game, but he wont be setting records. I think SF can take adv of passing to the RBs though.