While We’re Waiting… Browns’ Fans, Tribe’s Roster and Occupy Cleveland

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“The hair-pulling has begun in earnest among Browns fans. Some have already hit the panic button, ready to bench the quarterback or fire the coach. Some revisionists are pining for the return of former coach Eric Mangini and his 10-22 record. That’s the kind of thinking that, in the past, has put the Browns in the situation they find themselves in. That’s how you end up with: Tim Couch becoming the starter at halftime of the first game of the season. Or how you hand out big contracts to players who don’t fit the system (Corey Williams) who have had only half a good season (Derek Anderson). And how you hire a coach before a general manager. It’s also how you end up with two ex-coaches and two ex-general managers still on the payroll.” [Red Right 88]

Um, no. How could he take a paycut when he wasn’t going to earn anything from the Bengals?- “But this is how badly Palmer wanted out of Cincinnati — he took a paycut of about $4.7 million this year to join the Raiders, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Palmer was scheduled to make $7.2 million for the balance of this season, but the Raiders only had about $6 million left in cap space. So, Palmer restructured his contract, which left him with a $2.5 million salary this year.” [Hensley/AFC North Blog]

“There are certain to be a couple of guys kept on the roster that will leave people scratching their heads. As we have seen in the past a few “sacrificial lambs” will be kept on the 40-man roster in the event roster room needs to be made to add a free agent or trade acquisition. Teams keep a few of these players on the roster instead of loading up with straight prospects so as to not have to designate for assignment a prospect they might otherwise not want to. So who do the Indians remove? I’ll go ahead and predict that Valbuena and De La Cruz are removed, and maybe not right away but later this offseason Crowe and Weglarz are removed. Those moves should allow five open slots on the 40-man roster to add players from the farm system, free agency, and trade.” [Tony/Indians Prospect Insider]

Ha. “Speaking of things which are awful: I am no longer tolerating Ohio State’s on-the-field performance being bashed by supporters of other Big Ten programs. We lost our program’s steward and our alien quarterback–what is your excuse, Iowa? Are the corn-fields not producing enough scrappy white kids anymore? And you, Penn State: why do you continue to trot out a mummified corpse as your figure-head chieftain every week? Quite frankly, it’s creepy. (Wisconsin & Michigan State: Daddy will bring some more kool-aid to your table when I’m done. Until then, continue to play with your dolls). Indiana and Minnesota may be fielding teams of middle schoolers this year. Purdue’s team is a mustache. Northwestern? MORE LIKE NERDWESTERN.” [DJ/Eleven Warriors]

DP takes some time to answer questions from a Seattle Seahawks site. [Seahawk Addicts]

Occupy Cleveland has one more sit-in demonstrator. [WFNY Tumblr]

  • CjZ

    I saw the Derek Anderson photo, and felt bad that he was unemployed with so much time on his hands. Then I remembered he’s here in Charlotte employed as Cam Newton’s personal waterboy. Glad he found his calling.

  • mgbode

    Derek Anderson did beat out the great Jimmy Claussen for the backup job. So, we are one Cam Newton QB-sneak gone wrong away from having DA back in our NFL lives.

  • CjZ

    Yeah I’ve been spending months trying to block that thought out. As a Browns fan living in Charlotte the Delhomme Anderson career journeys have been the source of much screaming at GM’s who can’t hear me from my house.