Open Thread: Browns vs. Seahawks

Week seven. Losers of two straight, the Cleveland Football Browns play host to the Seattle Seahawks who bring their 2-3 record and back-up quarterback across the country. Peyton Hillis will not be suiting up in this one, so we’ll get to see a lot of Montario Hardesty while listening to Ron Pitts and Jim Mora attempt to succesfully say “Chris Ogbonnaya.” 

On a brighter note, the Browns will have cornerback Joe Haden back after the second-year stud missed last week’s loss with a knee sprain.

This game isn’t a “must-win” by any stretch, but the week-long response that will follow this 60 minutes of football will be nearly unbareable if the Browns do not come out with the W.  If you guys missed any of our coverage this week, I recommend clicking here and digging back through some of the archives. You guys know the rules; follow along in the comments during the contest – Craig will hit you up with the intel following the game.

  • Harv 21

    come to think of it, they never show Capt. Cleveland and Mora in the same shot. You think maybe … naaah.

    Also, Shurmer, the city charter forbids first down signals by Browns players on plays in which they gain less than eight yards. If you don’t enforce this, we will.

  • TJ

    Montario comin alive

  • Subadai

    Hardesty is gonna need a nap after this is over.

  • Subadai

    Yup. ST coach is fired.

  • Frank Minefield

    Special teams bringing the heat 2 weeks in a row.

  • Shamrock

    That was awful! The Cleveland Browns offensive playbook for 2011-12.

  • Tim

    So after hiring the new coaching staff our offense has regressed and our special teams has went from great to horrible. But we are headed in the right direction?

  • C-Bus Kevin

    Bad special teams play continues.

  • Pepw

    Thank god for Charlie Whitehurst.

  • Subadai

    If I hear the term “Beast Mode” one more time…

    I don’t know… but some s#$t is gonna happen.

  • Subadai


  • Harv 21

    quick, let the bile flow now, boys. Cuz someone is putting the finishing touches on the “a win’s a win/we’re 3 and 3/cleve fans r2 whiny” post.

  • The Other Tim

    5-11 is still within reach.

  • Frank Minefield

    We’ve just seen history friends. The worst pro football game of all time.

  • Subadai

    @ Harv…

    How bout this?

    Jauron for head coach!

  • humboldt

    Could that rousing win have just killed our chances at Andrew Luck?


  • C-Bus Kevin

    Browns prove today that they are the best of the worst. Next stop… “Middle of the pack”

  • Wacman

    I really think that last season Hillis and trick plays hid the fact that we had a rookie QB, and a super young receiving core (barring Watson). Now that everyone and their mom knows the Browns are decent at running, they’re forcing us to throw. The Browns can’t effectively run against 8 and 9 men in the box. We also can’t throw as our QB still isn’t that good.

  • JM

    They won and I still don’t feel any better about the team.

  • Lyon

    Agree JM. they still don’t have a clue on offense.

    The real test is next week. We ran Hardesty 30 times today. If Hillis is healthy next week, is there really a chance he gets 30 carries?