Ohio State and the Quarterback Dilemma

“Well, right now we’re focused on obviously Braxton is our quarterback, and if Joe goes in there, then obviously we have to do some different things probably. The thing is people are going to play you different, so you’ve got to figure out what it is that he can do well.” -Luke Fickell on the QB position.

It appears, according to Coach Fickell’s press conference, that Braxton Miller is going to be able to play come Saturday. They wanted to see how he responds to practice today, but they were encouraged by his progress. That is certainly the good news.

The bad news, is that the Buckeyes are still leaning on Joe Bauserman as part of the plan.

Fickell’s statement, that the Buckeyes have to figure out what Bauserman can do well, is completely absurd. Bauserman is in the middle of his last season with the Buckeyes. Why exactly should they scramble to find out something he can do well? “Congratulations Joe, with scholarship in hand you will graduate with a degree from The Ohio State University. We wish you well in whatever you do with the rest of your life. You will never throw another pass out of bounds for us again though.” How about that for a statement on Joe Bauserman?

I don’t see what possible good it can do for Bauserman to get any more reps in practice or in a game situation.

When asked about Kenny Guiton, Fickell replied, “Kenny will get some more reps and that’s a part of it. Kenny has been getting reps, and some of them have been at the quarterback position, some of them have been on special teams. Kenny has stayed involved a lot and showed the team and everybody how important it is to him, and he’ll get probably more and more opportunities in the weeks to come.”

More opportunities? How about all of the second string reps? That would be more opportunities.

And here’s a thought- you may not have to change the offensive game plan so much if Guiton came in to replace Miller as you would Bauserman. In any case, whether Miller, Guiton or Basuerman, handing off is always a good option.

The Buckeyes get back Dan Herron and Marcus Hall this week. The offensive line should be at full strength. Carlos Hyde averaged 8.0 yards per carry last week. Dan Herron has the fresh legs and should be itching to carry the ball. Jordan Hall had a tough week, but is still capable of getting to the edge. How about getting back to some old fashioned Buckeye smash-mouth football? That would solve some of the QB issues.

  • crobarred

    Miller and Guiton are better options at this point. Bauserman has two throws he does really well. The bounce pass (too bad this isn’t the NBA) and the 7 yard out of bounds. This is a lost year for the Buckeyes. With the suspensions and the Vest being ousted, they weren’t playing for a national championship this year.

  • Chris M

    “You will never throw another pass out of bounds for us again though.”

    I’d argue that that is something that Bauserman does quite well.


  • mgbode

    when Bauserman’s passes go out of bounds I breathe a sigh of relief that they won’t be intercepted.

  • Ike

    After seeing Bauserman laughing it up on the sideline during the 4th quarter of the Miami game, I was done with him. Forever.

    Fickell’s allegiance to Bausermann is inexplicable and just plain stupid. The fact that Guiton hasn’t played shows 1) that Fickell has no say in who plays on offense and/or 2)Fickell doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. I’ll go with a combination of both.

  • Ike

    That being said, as bad as he’s handled the QB situation, I have to mention the fact that Fickell’s been put in an impossible spot, one that would be tough even if he were remotely qualified to be a major Division 1 Head Coach.

    At this point in his career, he’s not supposed to be ready for such a position, let alone a program like Ohio State, his alma mater. Most people don’t get this chance until they’re 50.

  • christopher


  • Gbwoy

    Bauserman has compromising photos of someone. It’s the only possible explanation.

    I don’t hate Joe Bauserman, and I wish him well. It’s not personal. But the guy can’t compelete a pass. Is there anything more to say? How many has he completed since the Toledo game? It can’t be more than 3.

    This is real simple. As bad as anyone might think Guiton is, he can’t possibly be worse than Bauserman right now.

  • daboss212

    Quarterback Dilemma? More like Quarterback Crisis.

  • Hetz

    You would think a 25 year old senior might handle a late game substitution opportunity a little better than that. He looked as though he had just been awakened from a months-long coma.

    The interception was the best ball he threw. Why Ohio State was considering letting him throw the ball at that point is a topic for Luke Fickell’s exit conference.

    And how does an elite program, even with Pryor’s departure, find itself so woefully thin on quarterbacks? What was the plan for when Pryor got hurt, other than throw in the true freshman?

  • JM

    Fickell just looks lost on the sidelines. I wish the guy all the best but please, Bauserman is garbage.

  • C-Bus Kevin

    @ Hetz

    I know this is an old article at this point, and I’m not sure how many people will read this, but the answer to your question about QB depth can be summed up in two words…

    Antonio Henton

    Henton would be a fifth year senior this year (just like Bauserman). However, he left the team when it became clear that Pryor was the QB of choice.

    I’m not saying Henton would have been the answer. I’m saying the fact that Pryor was handed the keys his freshman year scared off many good recruits from 2008-2010, because they saw that Pryor wouldn’t be good enough to leave early for the NFL, so the QB spot would likely be taken through 2011.

    What we’re seeing now is, I’m guessing, similar to what we would have seen had Troy Smith inexplicably left the team before his senior season and we were left with the Justin Zwick show…but Zwick would have been a little better.