Lake County Sentinel Reports Indians Will Decline Option On Grady Sizemore

The Cleveland Indians will reportedly decline the option on Grady Sizemore and make him a free agent according to the Lake County Sentinel.

The following is from their report earlier this morning:

The Cleveland Indians made their first big decision of what is becoming a very important off-season for them. After an enthralling 4 ½ months of the 2011 season and falling short in August to the Tigers, the Indians reportedly will decline a $9 million option on arguably the face of the franchise over the last seven seasons, OF Grady Sizemore.

According to Timothy W. Shirer, Sports Editor of The Lake County Sentinel, sources inside the Indians organization hope that the Indians will be able to turn around and sign their former centerfielder to a one year deal with a base salary and incentives in the contract if he reaches a certain number of games played, including a few other statistical milestones.

Sizemore played a total of 71 games during an injury riddled season last year, batting .224 with 10 homers and 32 RBI’s.  The three time All Star is 29 years old, a career .269 hitter, and obviously a fan favorite. We’ll keep you posted on any further reports regarding this story as they develop.

  • NJ

    I think that’s the smart move. We’ll see how open his agent is to negotiating. Thing is, while I’m sure we could give him a very rewarding incentive-heavy contract, I think there will be some club out there willing to give a comparable contract with no-strings-attached. The allure of getting something close to old Grady will be too big to ignore.

    But whatever. When you get down to it, we’ve basically be playing w.o the guy over the last three years anyway.

  • Shamrock

    No brainer

  • Brett

    Good move. We know that he is not going to get a 9 mil contract, but im willing to bet a lot of teams will give him the same incentive based contract that the Indians will offer. Hopefully he takes it with the Indians.

  • JM

    The guy hasn’t been good in 4 years. A no brainer for sure.

  • Furrski

    Grady is a dynamic All Star when healthy, it hurts to lose him for nothing after what we’ve seen him do, but you just cant pay him 9 Mill when you know he’s hurt

  • Ghost To Most

    It was fun while it lasted Grady. I hope we’ve got our eye on another center fielder.

  • Ghost To Most

    Then again, what the hell is the Lake County sentinel? Ive never heard of them. From the looks of their website they certainly do not seem to be legit. But I dont know. I never heard of them when I was living in Lake County.

  • The lake County Sentinel has been a LEGITIMATE news outlet in Lake County Ohio for since April of 1997. Thanks for your interest Ghost To Most.

  • What is the Lake County Sentinel?

  • Architrance

    For since the Sentinel is legit you must acquit.

  • Steve

    Driving clicks to their site, I’ll admit I feel for it too. This is not a legit source. Not even close.

  • Sizemore fan

    Looks like the Sentinel was right after all. I’m sad to see him go though. Guy played 110% all the time, the way the game should be played. I hope the Sentinel is right when they say he signs back here for an incentive laden deal! If not I hear BJ Upton is available! Wouldn’t be a bad choice.

  • Steve,
    What makes a website a legit website your book? I’d like to know what your guidelines are? But as a journalist and owner of The Sentinel that covers over 1,000 professional, NCAA and High School sporting events per year and also covers general news, entertainment as well as editorials, I think we are legit. You don’t have to think so, because obviously you are a know it all. But the our readers and the teams we cover think we are legit, with over 5,000 hit per day, that’s all that matters.