Browns DE Marcus Benard Hospitalized After Motorcycle Accident

Cleveland Browns defensive end Marcus Benard has reportedly been transported to Metro General Hospital on Monday afternoon following a motorcycle accident which occurred on I-71 near W. 65th street.

Benard had reportedly been riding a Can-Am Spyder at a high rate of speed and hit a wall. Per John Telich of Cleveland’s Fox 8, he has suffered injuries deemed serious but not life-threatening which include broken ribs, a broken wrist and “tons” of road rash.

It is assumed that Benard, last season’s sack leader, was leaving Berea following the day’s practice. More on this as the story develops.

(Update: It appears that Benard has been transferred to The Cleveland Clinic where he will receive treatment for a broken hand. He will remain in the clinic overnight.)


    Wait…..he rode to and from practice on a motorcycle after what happened to Winslow and Roethlisberger a few years ago? Why wasn’t he suspended immediately for showing up to team facilities on this?

    Seriously, on a human level I hope he makes a full recovery, but how stupid can these guys get, and where were the people to stop him?

  • Subadai

    Hope he’s ok. Hitting a wall doesn’t sound good.

    Strictly speaking, Can-Am Spyder is really a “motorcycle.” It’s a three-wheeled, post-apocalyptic/Mad Max looking thing. Well, that’s my opinion any way. Not my cup of tea but they look cool. I just can’t get over the three wheel part.

    Speaking of Can-Am Spyders where was Delonte West when this was going down?

  • Harv 21

    Marcus, Marcus, Marcus. Supposed to play with the dangerous toys after you get some decent guaranteed money.

    See, this why even defensive linemen should be given the Wunderlik. I’m quite sure this was on the test.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    First and foremost, football aside, I hope that he makes a complete and speedy recovery. He has a family to go home to, just like most of us.

    As far as the “football player” aspect is concerned…I’m a firm believer that it’s none of your employer’s business what you drive…or what you do on your own time, for that matter.

    But if your employer strongly encourages you to not engage in a certain behavior…and you get paid millions of dollars to work there, you might want to listen. You’ll have plenty of time to ride motorcycles after you retire…

  • Derek

    Kellen Winslow part deux

  • MallaLubba

    What’s with Can-Am Spyders and Cleveland sports figures?

  • S-Dub

    Sounds like he is going to be ok, which is awesome. The Fan said this morning that the rumor was he was racing at high speeds, they suggested cutting him. While I think its unfair to speculate, that’s what talk radio is about. I’m not in favor of cutting him or telling him he shouldn’t own and/or ride a motorcycle or Spyder. It’s unfortunate this happened, a car accident is just as likely. I’m just happy the guy is not seriously hurt.

  • Hamfist


    If your physical ability is compromised and could cause your employer to lose money by your inability to perform, shouldn’t they have a say in your behaviors? I mean, if I dumped a bike and broke my arm, I could still work and fulfill my contractual obligations to my employer. Benard cannot.

  • Lyon

    You may not agree that the employer should have a say in what you drive or what you do on your vacations (hang gliding, etc), but if they put it in the contract & you sign it, they have every right to tell you that.

    especially with how many athleetes ruin their careers with motorcycles, you know this will only keep being put into contracts.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    @8 – are the Browns really “losing money” because of this? Unless Bernard gets paid by the game, I would guess not. If I’m not mistaken, he is getting paid the same whether he starts or sits the bench, unless there are performance incentives in his contract…in which case they might actually be saving money. I’m honestly not sure how that works…professional sports is a different world with different contracts than most of us work in.

    Where do we draw the line on employer control over your personal life? Should my boss be able to tell me that I can’t go skydiving, mountain climbing, or white water rafting on my weekend off? If I knowingly sign a contract saying that I specifically won’t do any of those activities, that’s one thing. But my boss shouldn’t be able to just walk in one day and start telling me what I can and can’t do on my own time.

    Off topic…Had a discussion with some people a while back about mandatory flu shots. Apparently some work places were all of the sudden requiring employees to get flu shots. I have a real problem with that. Unless it’s in the contract that I signed when I started working there, that is an invasion of my personal life and my body. I hardly ever get sick, and I don’t do flu shots. If I get the flu and miss work and they don’t want to pay me because I didn’t get a flu shot, that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

  • NJ

    I’m with Buckeye Dawg here. If it’s not explicitly stated in your contract then do as you see fit. That said, driving while under suspension(as is being reported now) and recklessly is dumb.

    Don’t blame the bike (though I’m amazed those three wheeled things are road legal). Millions ride without incident. Being stupid is the issue is.

    Would it make people happier if he broke his wrist after he ran into a wall while driving recklessly in an SUV?

  • C-Bus Kevin

    I must disagree with people that think there is no cost to the Browns if Benard hurts himself. They absolutely lose the opportunity cost of having a healthy player that led the team in sacks a week ago. If they had known that Benard would be unwisely riding a trike on the freeway, they could have given his roster spot to someone else.

    It’s like the old Bill Parcells quote about not being able to dial 1-800-Dial-A-Quarterback. If replacing guys with talented players just by picking through the free agent market, don’t you think the Browns would have a better answer for right tackle by now?

  • C-Bus Kevin

    *If replacing guys WAS EASY…