Browns at .500, defeat Seahawks 6-3

Craig will have a full recap, but I just wanted to post some quick thoughts.

– This was not a pretty football game, but a win is a win is a win is win.

– For better or worse, the Browns never went away from the run. Montario Hardesty had 95 yards… on 33 carries.

– All of the Browns points came on Phil Dawson field goals of 50+ yards.

– Jim Mora is annoying.

– Browns benefited from Seattle’s penalties and various mistakes.  Offsides on 4th down, roughing the passer, blocks in the back… those REALLY helped the Browns.

– Also, Syndey Rice was wide open and ran out of bounds. Very well could’ve been a TD. Not sure the Browns offense could’ve recovered.

– Joe Haden is good at football.

– Greg Little is not afraid of contact.

– Special teams is now official A Problem. Browns had two FGs blocked.

– Chris Ogbonnaya was the Browns leading receiver with 5 catches for 43 yards. He also ran the ball 3 times for 15 yards. New dude didn’t look bad.

– The Browns face the Niners in San Francisco next week

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

  • Dee P

    I second the fact that Mora is annoying.

    If he referred to Pujols scoring more “points” than the Browns and Seahawks one more time I was gonna ralph.

    I know you’re a football guy, Mora…but points??? Seriously, bro.

  • humboldt

    “a win is a win is a win”

    Unfortunately, it also is an entity that moves us further away from Andrew Luck.

    Am grateful I didn’t have to watch that one today, but thanks Ben and everyone on the open thread for the real-time comic narrative

  • WHAT? Jim Mora is a football guy??

  • Gren

    Forget Luck, right now we don’t need a QB. It’s like creating a controversy at running back when you have 2 good running backs already…

  • Pepe

    We need a QB. As much as I hate to admit it. The Seahawks were missing two starting CBs and Colt still didnt throw the ball downfield. It’s going to painfully obvious to everyone in December that we need a QB. And I’d bet my house that we draft one in the first round. Alas, it won’t be Luck.

  • Lyon

    Pepe, the lack of throws downfield is more on the offensive style I believe. But when he does throw downfield now, it’s normally a poor decision and ends in a INT or overthrow.

    Thank God for our defense this week!

  • Dylan

    We need a real offense before we start thinking about a different QB. If they started doing some consistent play-calling, play to Colt’s strengths we could have a actual offense. I’m pretty sure Chad Pennington couldn’t throw the ball as far as Colt and he managed to help get his teams to a playoff or two.

  • christopher

    Dear Cleveland Browns,

    You were never getting Andrew Luck.

    The Dolphins, The Colts, The Seahawks and The Broncos

  • Shamrock

    Miami will get Luck and Cowher and in one year be better then Cleveland.

  • Josh Stein

    @2 – The Browns already had two wins. That pretty much excluded them from the SFL sweepstakes, unless the NFL deems Miami and Indianapolis ineligible for the draft.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    The Colts are taking this “suck for Luck” thing seriously. Good grief…

  • TobaccoRoad

    Wasn’t pretty, but I’ll take it any day. You are what your record says you are..